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What have you listed today...January 2019

(Brenda Cumming) #103

(Lynn Britton) #104

Fancy mitts

(PollysWares) #105

A pretty bracelet

(Plumporridge) #106

I am having a listing binge at the moment! Includes some clearance lines like this make up bag which I have listed this morning.

(Jeanie Hansford) #107

I like making the birds, this one is a love bird so colourful

(Dawn Sneesby) #108

(PetraBradleyPrints) #109

Almost the last of my Mimosas now.

(Barbara Byrom) #110

This button and bead necklace is both unusual and unique.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #111

I have added all these colourways to my eco dishcloths

(Andy Twist) #112

I was going to list a hawthorn crochet hook but just as I was finishing off a knot put a stop to that.
This is the joy and problem of working with wood :upside_down_face:

(Lynn Britton) #113

Andy @twistedturner that’s such a shame to get so near to the item being finished, I would be spitting blood if it were me…
A new hat from me

(Brenda Cumming) #114

(Sandra Salter) #115

Today I have listed my OK screen print - I’d love to know how it looks to the outside world :):ok_hand:

(Sandra Salter) #116

these are so cute :wink:

(PetraBradleyPrints) #117

Squeezed this out of the last corner!

(PetraBradleyPrints) #118

I love it!

(Jeanie Hansford) #119

All pink and purple to day, with new retro loo roll cover

(Sandra Salter) #120

thanks - just got lost in your instagram :):heart:

(Maisy Plum) #121


After painstakingly obsessing over details I can finally list my 1:12th scale miniature cheese boards! Here is one