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What is best way to sell different size variations of same print?

(Andrea Martin) #1

Hi Everyone

I have just opened my shop last week. I sell prints in A4 and A3 and I have listed many of them in A4. I was just wondering what was the best way to sell A3 versions of the same prints, without having to list the exact same items again but in A3 size.

Any help on this would be great!


(Lucy Reynolds) #2

Hi Andrea,

I sell A4 & A3 prints too and the way I do it is with separate listings. You can offer variations on the same product by asking people to leave a comment with their order telling you their preference, but that doesn’t work in this situation where the price needs to be different for each. (It works better for things like selling the same product in two different colours.)

If you’re worried about the listing fees adding up, one option to consider would be whether it’s worth getting a Plus account - that way you pay a fixed fee for unlimited listings. If you’ve just started out you might want to test the waters before committing to that, but it could be something to bear in mind.


(Roz) #3

If you don’t want to list the A3 prints as a separate listing then you could do one of the following

  1. Put a note in your descriptions to ask the customer to buy the A4 listing and to contact you if they want an A3 version and then bill them separately for the additional cost.

  2. Ask the customer to contact you without buying the A4 print and then put up a custom listing for them to buy an A3 one.

  3. You could put a listing up for an A3 upgrade and price it at the additional cost so the customer would buy the A4 print at £x then buy the upgrade at £y where £X + £Y = the cost of the A3 print - might be a bit of a complicated way of doing it and you would have to make it very clear in your listing what they need to do.

Other than that its separate listings for each size.

(Leathermeister) #4

Roz @OrchardFelts I like no 3 it sounds the simplest way and gets the money upfront.

(Andrea Martin) #5


Thanks for your help.

I think I might try option 3, I think I could probably explain it clearly. As I did want to avoid listings that looked exactly the same.

Thanks again

(Andrea Martin) #6

Yes, I agree option 3 sounds great!

(Andrea Martin) #7

Thanks for your help Lucy.

I have already got the Plus account as I have loads more items to add, so thought it might be best in the long run.

I think I might try the separate listing upgrade idea from Roz.

Thanks again