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What would your approach be?

(Louise Foot) #1

Yesterday, on another handmade selling platform you might know of, a customer sent me a message (with far too many kisses) complaining she had received a half full conditioner. I’m really confident all the jars were filled correctly as i only make several in a batch & everything is obviously visually checked again when it is wrapped. What I’m basically saying i strongly doubt her honesty. I’ve never felt this way previously & the occasional time a parcel has gone missing I’ve believed the customer outright. This just doesn’t add up. It can’t have leaked or it would have been obvious to her

I dealt with it saying I was “sorry to hear that”, explained where the fill level should be & asked how I can make it up to her (she would like more conditioner sending)… what would you have done ?

Asking for a photo seemed pointless as you could easily spoon some out if you were that way inclined

(Roz) #2

Thats a hard one. I guess you just have to take it on the chin and put it down as a bad experience. I’d keep a record of the customer so you can double check any future orders she may make. Hopefully there aren’t too many dishonest customers out there - faults with most products can easily be verified by photograph/returns but I guess in this case its not possible.

(Louise Foot) #3

The vast majority of my customers are really lovely thank goodness. Thanks Roz

(Sasha Garrett) #4

I’d have gone for the ‘sorry to hear that’ approach like you, explaining the fill levels and your QC process to ensure that items are properly filled before they leave you, offered a partial refund or additional product and then asked for a photo of the item and the packaging stating that it must have leaked due to improper handling by the mail service and that you would like evidence so that you can take it up with them to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. (or you could blame leakage on a duff jar/ bottle and want to take it up with the jar manufacturer). They will at least then have to get creative if they are trying to pull a fast one.

(Louise Foot) #5

He he, I like it. They were packaged together (she bought shampoo too) in a cello bag tied with raffia or I’d be trying that one :wink:

(Bizzy Liz) #6

Hi Louise, I was reading this earlier, similar sort of thing

(Louise Foot) #7

it is similar ) I saw that too - almost hopped on Donna’s thread but didn’t want to take over:)

(Melanie Commins) #8

I like @SashaGarrett’s approach!

Also, if you have a post office receipt it should show the weight of the package so you could at least double check (for your own sanity) that you sent the correct weight of product.

(Rhiannon Rose) #9

I had a customer (on another site) complain that she hadn’t received her item. Impossible to prove either way. (No tracking). I just smiled, refunded and moved on. If she were to order from me again, I would probably just cancel the order, but that’s just “once bitten, twice shy” really. I made no judgement: it may be that she lives somewhere where several parcels genuinely go missing, this may be a one-off.

(Louise Foot) #10

I do wonder what I’d do if an unhappy customer returned to shop with me, it would probably unsettle me but like the advice given here, quadruple check everything & send photos first :slight_smile: