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Which artist/designer/crafter would you like to see on the new £20 note?

The Bank of England wants to celebrate Britain’s achievements in the visual arts and is asking the public to nominate who they think deserves a place on the back of the £20 note.

It can’t be anyone living or fictional, but it can be an architect, artist, ceramicist, craftsperson, designer, fashion designer, filmmaker, photographer, printmaker or sculptor.

So who do you think deserves a place?

There’s more info about how to vote and what they’re looking for here - - >

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I think they should put @dougfolksy on the £20 note.

I didn’t read the instructions - he’s still alive so is ineligible.


They should make it a musical note too, with @dougfolksy singing and playing guitar. Could only be good for the economy.

He’s perhaps not the most attractive man so could we have one of Christopher Dresser’s teapots instead of the man himself?

For a second there I thought you were talking about Doug, @SashaGarrett. Phew :wink:


I would also have had someone living on the note and would have chosen Quentin Blake as I absolutely adore his work.
In fact I would have liked him to draw the picture on the note as well :smile:


@folksycontent1 @sianfolksy
Foiled by a technicality!
Which is ironic, as I’m only technically alive …


… and I’m now eyeing teapots up insecurely!


and I’ll tell you for nothing, there are some very well dressed tea pots out there at the mo’!

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Very funny! :slight_smile:

Sir Christopher Wren would be a good choice.

Also, the architect of Blenheim Palace should be a good candidate…although it is a controversial issue…
I have visited the Palace a few times and it’s absolutely stunning. The gardens and the area around it is unbelievably beautiful too.

Oh…Sir Christopher Wren has already been depicted. I just read…

Pugin, he deisgned the House of Parliament and was first to design a house from the inside, going out(rather than building a box and fitting rooms inside it) I hope that mde sense.

Or Joseph Bazelgette, without him we would still have pooh lining our streets and rivers.

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It’s a shame we can’t have a fictional character, as Harry Potter would be pretty recognisable. I think I would vote for William Morris as being fairly influential to the craft world.

Sorry @dougfolksy didn’t mean to give you a complex but this is what you are up against

If you’re looking for attractive, the young Dante Gabriel Rosetti would fit that bill! I suspect he was far too naughty to get on a bank note though…Despite the uses to which I’m told bank notes are occasionally put.

On a serious note, I’d like them to portray Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh. She was under appreciated in her time and is almost unheard of now. It might inspire people to find out more about her.

Love Sam x

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I think William Morris too.
Ali x

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I am bias I think that my hansom Squirrel should make an appearance hah!


He does have a distinguished air…

Love Sam x

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