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Weekly Art Chat Thread W/C 28th April

(Maxine Veronica) #1

Morning all, looking forward to another week of arty chat and pictures. Just listed the first butterfly ACEO

(Brenda Cumming) #2

beautiful work Max…love the colours
Just listed this one…

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

Morning Ladies …

Lovely work - the butterfly is great Max and I love the daises Brenda

I have a lavender ACEO to show this morning …

(Trevor Harvey) #4

Good morning all - a quick visit at the moment - not sure if any of you are using Internet Explorer but there’s a news warning this morning about a major flaw in it’s defenses - here’s the story:

(Trevor Harvey) #5

Right, I’m back proper now! Nice to see the normal scattering of nice works… I’ve two to add to it, the first is a daily special offer, reduced to just £2.00 and the second is a relisting:

I’m so glad I’ve finally sussed out how to get the whole of my pictures to show in my shop and when I promote them - it’s only taken me just over a year… Except it’s refusing to work on the picture of the church… uhhhh

(Stephanie Guy) #6

Good morning gang, hello new week :smile:

Margaret I hope your dentist visit went well this morning!

Lovely butterfly Max, the colours are very pretty.

Love your daisies Brenda, it’s very delicate.

Beautiful lavender Hazel, and the background recesses very well.

Good luck with your daily sale Trevor.

Here are my two teeny tiny beach scenes

They looked hilarious on my usual easel this morning - so tiny! Hazel how big are your dolls house easels?

(Hazel Rayfield) #7

Morning Trevor

They are lovely Stephie I do like panoramic scenes :smile:

This is a picture of my desk this morning, I’m sorting out some of my small pieces, I do love painting miniatures :slight_smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #8

They’re lovely Hazel. Did you see my question about your easel? I was wondering what size yours are that Adrian made. All the ones I can find online are too big.

(Hazel Rayfield) #9

No sorry Stephie, didn’t see your question …

I have some that Adrian made, it took him hours !!! they are in The Gallery and I don’t like moving them too much as they are very delicate, they are 13.4 cm high :smile:

Originally I bought one online that came with a couple of printed canvas, but it very unstable hence why Adrian made me some …

However we have been to a couple of miniature fairs, buying not selling, Adrian has another project on at the moment, a workshop 1:12 scale but I digress … I have bought one I like after I tracked down a lead I got at a fair … not many of the people at the fairs sell online !!!

Anyway I now have a contact in Bournemouth who make handmade miniature furniture and one of the things they make are the easels … this is one of there’s stands 14cm so not very small … but not as chunky as the ones we all use for the ACEO’s


I get asked a lot if my paintings include the mini easel and I have considered buying a few to sell on, but its a bit of an risk really as they are not cheap. I am happy to pass on their details if you would like to contact them, they will send them mail order, can’t put their info live here naturally :slight_smile:


(Brenda Cumming) #10

great work peeps
Stephie…It might sound silly but could you make something from matchsticks?..just a bit of glue to hold them together?
Off out for the day…blood tests for hubby, doc told him to make an appointment, he phoned, they couldn’t fit him in, now he has to go to docs for a letter and then go to the hospital for the test…good job I drive !!!

(Tessa Spanton) #11

Morning all, nice to see everyone’s work.
Matchsticks are so handy. prop ur eyes open, build an easel. We mended the on /off kettle switch with one or or maybe it was a cocktail stick lol

I read about search changing and needing to change listings. My views on here are very low.
Any tips on what I could change would be most appreciated.

(Stephanie Guy) #12

I think matchsticks are possibly the way to go, I need some really small easels. I’ll give it a try.

Tessa, you need longer titles with the new search engine, more like you would put on eBay. Try playing with one of your titles and using the search facility to see what works best for you.

(Hazel Rayfield) #13

I too wanted some that would be small enough to go in the window of The Gallery and represent desk top ones like I have here, but getting the angle was tricky so small, and the weight of the pictures need support, so be great to see how you get on Stephie :slight_smile:

Have you seen I’ve started a miniatures thread here too, please add some tiny pictures there…


(Stephanie Guy) #14

I hadn’t seen it Hazel, but have now :slight_smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #15

That’s great :slight_smile: thought it might be good to try and raise awareness of all things mini :slight_smile:

(Clare Sherwen) #16

Just running through, hopefully soon I’ll have time to have a proper look at these forums!

Nothing new from me, hopefully get some new printing done tomorrow. Heres a special offer on my square cards 2 for ÂŁ2.00 (I went a bit mad with printing them for my event this weekend so got quite a few to sell!)

Clare xx

(Stephanie Guy) #17

Lovely cards Clare. Is your event this weekend coming or this weekend just gone?

(Brenda Cumming) #18

Lovely work Clare…
Looking forward to seeing the mini easels Stephie…perhaps you can market them.
Admin have replied to my problems over posting pics from my pc…they asked if my pics were over 2MB…mmm…NOOOOO I don’t think so…lol…
They also suggested cleaning my browser’s cache…mmm…this is ME…lol…no chance of that. They sent me a link but the things to do were endless.
However, there might be light at the end of the tunnel as next week my IT man is due to come up and do the annual service and reinstall my antivirus…so perhaps once that is done it will work.
Fortunately the problem isn’t urgent and I can always show items from flickr…(why me!!!

(Margaret Jackson) #19

Hi all, bit sleepy after my early start with my 7am dentist appointment. It was a bit painful but it’s done now :smile:

Gorgeous butterfly Max, lovely shade of blue

fab daisy Brenda, hope your IT man sorts your problems with pictures

Beautiful lavender Hazel and those paintings on your desk look great!

Great work Trevor, specially the top one :smile:

Stephie, those minis are so cute!

Clare, fab collection of cards

(Trevor Harvey) #20

Glad you got the dentist out of the way Margaret, I hate dentists…

Just listed another little ACEO, see, a nice sunny day gets me working…!