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Why not come and join us on the #Folksy365 for a Festive Daily Listing Challenge for December

So November is just about gone and the tally for total sales across all members is just over 430 sales beating the November 2016 tally, so yay for everyone who took part and thanks for their support and wonderful community spirit.

The Daily Listers thread is a really friendly group with lots of hugs, support and advice for everyone taking part, new members are always very welcome to join in so why not end 2017 with us and enjoy the community spirit whilst giving your shop a bit of a promtion boost. Virtual mince pies :pie: , prosecco :champagne: , sherry :wine_glass: , chocolate :chocolate_bar: and cake :cake: are likely to make an appearance too ;).

If you have not taken part in a daily listing challenge before and are wondering what it is all about, this is how it works:

The daily listing thread is a personal challenge to list an item a day for the month - It is a personal challenge, so no one will moan at you, or hound you off the thread if you miss a day here or there. We don’t mind if they are new items or re-lists either as long as it’s something different each day :slight_smile:. Spamming however, will not be tolerated and posts that are inappropriate will be reported to admin.

Once you have listed your item, you come to the thread for that particular day and tell us what you have listed or re-listed, with a link to that item, so we can check it out too.

Visit the items of your fellow daily listers, i.e. actually click on the item in their shops, a simple way to show you are taking part and other listing members really appreciate that you have stopped by! hearts are welcome but not compulsory.

Promote not just your own item, but fellow listing members too, in whatever way you are able, by pinning, stumbling, FB liking, Blogging, Tweeting, just do whatever you can, and don’t forget to use the thread tag #Folksy365 on social media to both find and be found by fellow team members :). In this way we all support and promote each other, and hopefully raise awareness of our crafts and of Folksy too, all of which has to be a good thing.

Please remember that although sales cannot be certain, additional promotion can be, which has to be a good thing! so please do pop over and join in you would be very welcome :slight_smile:


Yes please! XxxxxX

I can only do the first 2/3 of the month but that doesn’t matter really does it.

Will be here in a few days. Look forward to seeing all your lovely things . It’s a lovely thread . Completely addicted!

I will be closing over Christmas for the first time in years, but apart from that I would like to join in.

I’m in :blush::purple_heart::christmas_tree::turkey::dove::blush::star::snowflake:

yes please,count me in too xx

Hello fellow Folksy Friends :slight_smile: I’m challenging myself to do this up till Christmas so hopefully I won’t let myself down! Very best to all makers out there this frosty raw evening Mags

Yes please Max @paperchainsandbeads thanks very much for your hard work xx
I’ll bring cake😜

Ohhhh count me in please :grinning:
I will bring the mince pies :christmas_tree:

Karen x

i’ll bring the bubbles :wink: Mags:champagne:

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Yes please