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Working from home on your Folksy shop

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

How many of us have problems with family or friends thinking we don’t do any thing all day and are available to just drop everything at a whim?

How do you explain your work.

I’ve had to be very business like and say sorry but I’m working on my business and will not be available within office hours.

(Rachel) #2

I have set an area aside for my work, its a table in the middle of the living room when I am sat there I will not answer the phone, make tea, walk the dog, mend a pair of trousers and all the other things I get asked to do. My family do not see any value in what I do, and presume I am flexible to their whims. So would love to know how others explain :smiley:

(Brenda Cumming) #3

I have worked from home since 1971 and always had to fit it around family…very difficult at times. With the kids it was blackmail…"let Mummy work so that I can get money for your birthday (Christmas) presents,"
If friends phoned me, I would get hubby to go and ring the door bell, so that I could say. "sorry, got to go, someone is at the door!"
Lot of different tricks you can use…lol :wink:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

If all else fails I just shut the door of my room - I like leaving it open so that I’m not isolated from the family, but they know that if I have a deadline and the door is shut - do not disturb!

It’s very hard, though - everyone thinks you have all the time in the world to spend doing anything but your work…

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #5

I think you have to be very business like and disciplined and put your foot down but it can be hard! I think the main thing is not to feel ‘bad’ if you say you can’t or won’t do something because you are working. I say to people ‘If you go and buy a stamp from the Post Office or go to the checkout at the supermarket, and that person happens to be your mate, you wouldn’t expect them to stop and stick the kettle on or answer their phone!!!’…it is no different for you!..The problem for a lot of people I know that work with crafts is that they are not taken seriously by their hubby/family and this is so wrong. I am very lucky ; my hubby sees me as a business woman and my income is valid and important. My best friend however has the problem that although she sells a lot, she is not taken seriously. I tell her to keep books and physically show what she contributes he the family income…I think it is a case of being strict on yourself, not feeling bad and being strict with people.

(Silverspiral) #6

I work in the conservatory … be posh … the studio, and although they now understand that just because i don’t have to leave the house, this is the way i work. I still get the mam can you do this or will you look after grandchild for x amount, but they know i have limits.
Ar first it was hard though, even though hubby took it serious the kids well that was another story, even though the youngest is 28, but he does like pushing my buttons :smiley:
I still use the " if i don’t earn, you don’t get" trick, but they just laugh :slight_smile:

(Grimm Exhibition) #7

I should be looking for work but have to admit I love my crafting. Ive not had any sales for a long time to make any contribtion (I still live at home and try not to annoy my parents).
Do you think people are jealous because you are doing what you want to do and they are stuck in an office etc?

(Deborah Jones) #8

I am quite lucky in that I live quite remotely so people rarely pop round on the off chance that I’m home - most of my friends have some work too, so we arrange to meet up for a coffee morning, or dog walking now and again and it is a real treat.
My family do take my work seriously, my husband is self employed too so really values my contribution. If friends or mum ring during the day and it is inconvenient I tell them I will ring them back in the evening. Any unknown numbers get ignored completely.

I do feel bad telling my kids that I am too busy to stop what I’m doing - especially as OH and I will work 7 days a week if we have to. Hopefully we make it up to them when we can - at least both being self employed we can be flexible too.

(Jacqueline Austen) #9

I have to admit that I struggle to get the balance right. My husband is great and now I tend to work at night or when the little ones are asleep. Unfortunately, this means I don’t get a lot of sleep! I am awaiting the arrival of a workshop - ie shed - in the garden so I have a place of my own to hide in. My husband now takes my work seriously. It took time though. I think the penny dropped for him when I came home from a Christmas craft fair with a good wedge of cash one year. Since my last child was born 10 months ago, my friend has put me on the strait and narrow, helping me out no end. Now, my books are in order and my makes are listed, not waiting to be photographed in a box! I now tell people that I can’t do X Y or Z because I am working that day - despite having two little ones at home and two at school. Still have to stop for them and do the school run. At least I have more time than I did before.

Jacqueline x

(Natalie Scollay) #10

Great advice from you all… its very difficult…My husband thinks that I will stop what I am doing to make him a cuppa and its always at a tricky point in my project. I must confess; I get a bit grumpy with him. :blush:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

I once had that and I’m afraid I was less than gracious with my reply but he learnt never to do it again.

It went something along the lines of, I’m busy, I’m not your slave, I’m your wife and your arms and hands aren’t broken, you are big enough and ugly enough to make your own’. The bit about ‘big enough and ugly enough to make your own’, was a big saying of my Mother’s. lol

(Natalie Scollay) #12

Love it! I think I will have to give that one a go lol :smiley: :wink:

(Deborah Jones) #13

@EileensCraftStudio that was a saying of my mothers too :smile:)

(Minerva) #14

Ha ha! That’s funny, but definitely effective!

(Minerva) #15

I agree. The root of the problem is that Crafts are not seeing as a serious profession. But you do have to treat it like that yourself first and the others should follow. And if they don’t follow, maybe you should start evaluating who is your real friend / supporter and who isn’t.

(Minerva) #16

Yes, I do think there is jealousy too from those who work in an office and don’t enjoy it. You are your own boss, you work the hours you want and that’s freedom others don’t have. And maybe others are afraid to become self employed themselves…

(Heidi Meier) #17

I agree you just have to be firm and businesslike although it is nice when you can drop everything and go someone because you can - hah hah. And I also agree the sight of a wedge of cash does an awful lot to stop any comments about your ‘arty stuff’!!

(Karen Ellam) #18

Im still quite new to this really so I think its going to take a while to be taken seriously by family and friends :neutral_face:
At the moment I try to fit my precious crafting time around my part time job, school run and daily general chores. Not a lot of creating time when you factor all the other stuff in. I would love one day to do what I love full time. It would be amazing, but I only have the one shop here at the moment and one sale a month on average isn’t too great :wink:
I know what I want to do, but its hard money wise and trying to convince my hubby about my plans is hard when he can see me not making many sales.
I would like to sell in other places eventually to hopefully build up a good customer base.
I finally managed to talk my hubby around about getting Folksy plus next month. I just hope I can prove to everyone one day that my heart and soul is in this creative journey and its not just a hobby for me.
Its definitely hard to be taken seriously sometimes :cry:

At the moment I feel guilty when I need to reorder clay, and other jewellery making supplies. Hopefully one day my incoming and outgoings will balance better.

I’m really hoping for a better Xmas here this year. Its very quiet for me here at the moment :confused:

Karen :cake:

(Elaine) #19

@EileensCraftStudio and @DeborahJonesJewellery - my mum would say this as well and I’m afraid I say it to my children, although I always feel a bit guilty over the “ugly enough” bit!!