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Yayyyyyyyy! First sale high

(Chelsea Carr) #1

I finally got my first sale.

Has anyone else got any good news to share?

(Helen Healey) #2

Congratulations, that’s great news!:tada:

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(Take2 Bottles) #3

Great news, hope there are soon lots more :slight_smile:

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(Chelsea Carr) #4

So do I ::wink:

(James Alden) #5

Congratulations,someone liked what you do,I am sure there will be others.

(Karen Ellam) #6

Yay that’s brilliant news. Well done :grin:

Karen :champagne:

(Emma) #7

Congratulations, it’s a great feeling getting that first sale, I hope you get many more :slight_smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #8

Congratulations - your drool monster appeared on my folksy friday board last week, I shall have to replace it with another one now its sold.

( Valerie Dockerty) #9


(Deborah Jones) #10

They arrived this morning and are wonderful Chelsea @ChelseaIllustration the drool monster will look great on my daughters new bedroom wall!

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(Pauline Hayward) #11

Congratulations @ChelseaIllustration. Patience pays off.

(JollySmall) #12

Congratulations :tada::tada::tada:

(Dawn Sneesby) #13

Well done, here’s to many more.

(So Sew Megan) #14

Excellent, it’s such a lovely feeling. I still get a thrill with each sale. Hope you get loads more.

(Marianne26) #15

Congratulations! I’m still waiting for my first sale on Folksy - but I did sell a sizeable consignment of cards to a gallery this week, which was great.

(Oh Button Me) #16

Yay congratulations