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Your recent Folksy purchases

I thought it might be nice to showcase some of the things we have actually bought on Folksy recently - with a link to the shop.
I bought some soap, earrings and a vase yesterday for my mum’s birthday.

Oooh, I recognise those earrings :blush: Thank you Emma

I bought this card for my Dad

And some Washi tape for sealing little parcels (the grey leaf one is the same as my logo…so pleased to find that!)

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Hmm, for some reason they just posted as links not images…will try and edit that.

I bought this:

Arrived today. Totally pleased with them and the seller!

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I LOVE Washi tape… I’m obsessed with it : )

This is my first experience of Washi tape…I now understand what all the fuss is about :smiley:

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I bought this card recently for my daughter in laws birthday. She loved it - as did I!

Thank you Sara from Dandelion’s Gallery

Lesley :smiley:


I bought this yesterday for the Kindle Fire HD that I’ve just ordered! :smile:


I bought this bracelet from Flame haired Jewelery - it arrived today and is lovely :slight_smile:

I’m posting a link as not sure if I can do a picture from my phone …


I bought these lovely cards from Sheridan Originals, because I wanted the capercaillie for my dads birthday yesterday.


Brilliant idea for a topic.

I bought this for my friend for Christmas (and subsequently asked if I could possibly have a matching tiny mouse to sit on the swing and yes the fairy is now swinging in my friend’s garden with a little mouse beside her. Love it.


Hey Joy, I love the bunches!! I’d never seen that shop before (Garden Fairy Figures)

I bought this Morrissey finger puppet for my sister from Ding Dong Designs, she’s a Morrissey nut so this was perfect for her. They do a Bjork one too, complete with a swan round the neck style dress… made me laugh out loud when I saw it.


That’s very pretty!

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A while ago I purchased a set of lovely bird greetings cards from photographer Iain S Byrne. His shop is still here but empty at the moment. I have photos of the lovely prints all framed up in my dining area!


I’ve just put a note on Iain’s FB page pointing him to this forum - maybe he will be inspired to restock :slight_smile:

Oh yes, thank you Joy, great idea!! Need to learn how to make the smiley faces!! :smile:

I have some of Iain Byrne’s work too, it’s stunning! Yours look great framed.

A couple of days ago I bought this beautiful lupin painting from Stephanie Guy Fine Art :smile:


Very pretty and dreamy painting Margaret! I found Iain by the way, on facebook, he’s still selling but has closed his Folksy shop sadly. I have my eye on a few new prints of his!

Nice idea!

I bought a collection of ACEO last week from Dandelion’s Gallery, partly for a friend’s birthday,partly for me! Love my Scottie dogs