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I'm going to try and buy more from fellow folksy sellers!

over the years, even before i started on here, ive bought a fair few items from folksy, recently ive decided that every time i need something, i’m going to try and buy it from folksy! I think if we all did the same, imagine how it could benefit each other, giving our hard earned cash to another small business, what a great feeling that it’s not going to a huge corporate company! Right, i’m off to buy a 40th birthday card and pressie!


That’s a great idea,I have bought a few things from fellow Folksy sellers too, it just depends what I’m looking for…


I always buy things from Folksy for pressies, I’ve found some lovely things. As a jewellery maker I would love to see more bead and jewellery supply shops.


Me too, I’ve just bought my Mother’s Day cards :slight_smile:


I buy lots from Folksy, the only trouble is, every time I come on here to buy a present for someone, I sort of accidentally buy myself something instead!

Actually, it’s no trouble at all, I really enjoy it! :wink:


That’s great! I buy from Folksy too, both for myself and gifts. This Tuesday I gave the latest gift I bought to my friend for her birthday and she loved it! And yesterday I ordered some goodies for me, I can’t wait to get them! :slight_smile:


I’ve bought myself some lovely things from Folksy and also quite a few presents for people as well as cards for special birthdays and occasions. It’s by far my favourite place to shop.


That’s great!


I love Folksy for impulse buys for myself :slight_smile:


Today i’ve bought 4 cards, 1 necklace and a cushion cover! whoop! Some very talented people on folksy! But…when i bought these items i will say that folksy gave me an option to share on facebook, which i agreed and a post ready to click to go onto facebook came up, unfotunatly it had a pair of knickers on it, i dont really want to share knickers on my facebook page though! lol xx


Just bought a nice card for Mother’s Day. Should check when it is!


Hi Everyone, I opened my shop up again, that’s a good idea buying from our folksy shop friends, I am supportive like that, Please take a look in my shop, For a while I am giving a free gift with a purchase…please have a look and let me know what youvthink of my shop, I have free posting on my baby dress and some of my painting, I have cute brooches that are miniture crochet hat, a good price

I will promote your shops and will buy from you lovely ladies

I think that it is a great suggestion and although I have bought a few things over time I will try to buy some things when I can.

I too love supporting fellow Folksians.
My biggest weakness is Jewellery. :blush:

Karen x

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Love buying from folksy, always look here first for gifts :slight_smile:

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It’s a really good idea! I made my first ever purchase on Folksy from DaisyWings a couple of weeks ago (a beautiful Mother’s Day card), I’ve only recently joined up so haven’t had an account before.

I have bought from ‘the other place’ quite a bit and I really enjoy buying handmade from people like myself. Overall I think the quality is much higher and you get some really unique items that make really special gifts. I like that Folksy sellers are all UK based though so this will be my first place to search for things from now on.

I’ve already found several sellers on here that are selling outstanding items and I have a few of their items lined up to buy later in the year if I can bear to wait that long!


What a good idea . I have bought cards off here which are lovely also had craft stuff,b but have been looking at the jewellery and going to treat my self to some for Mother’s Day . So good luck to every one

I love buying from Folksy too and have resolved to buy Christmas presents from here throughout the year. It wouldn’t hurt to create my own wishlist either! :slight_smile:

I love buying from folksy people, I already do buy quite a few birthday and Christmas presents and cards through the year, and occasionally treat myself to. I like to think the makers are as excited as I am when I get a sale!

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I love it when I sell something to a fellow Folksy person, it somehow seems really special.