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1st birthday for a boys gift

It’s my friends little boys first birthday next week (I know leave it till last minuet)

I was going to just buy a piggy bank and pop some money in but thought that was a cop out.

My friends are moving into a new house soon. And I didn’t want to get toys as he will most probably get lots.

Any suggestions in what I could get :roll_eyes:

I think the piggy bank is a lovely idea.

I have some personalised prints, nursery prints and cards though.

The 3 links below are for my different ranges of prints. From Robots to a Plane and Personalised Banner.

Here’s my Number 1 Plane and Rocket Card.

I’ve also got some New Home cards in my shop :grinning: Here’s one.

I made this First Coat Peg for our grandson recently they can be personalised with the childs name.
“My First Coat Peg” CUSTOM ORDER, THIS IS A SAMPLE ONLY: Chunky, round plaque turned from recycled beech shelving, with beech peg. Plaque measures approximately 105mm in diameter, and is approximately 17mm thick; the peg sticks out a further 50mm approximately. The plaque comes complete with a hanging plate and a screw is provided. The plaque will be personalised with a pyrographed (burnt in with a solid point pyrograph) name of your choice. Please note that the spelling you provide in the “notes to seller” part of the order form will be the one used, so it is important that you double check this as mistakes cannot be rectified. Please allow five days for us to post out your order.

we could turn one around sooner than the usual five days and send it first class post if you need me to.


This wall/door hanging would be a cute birthday gift

or I have a picture

Something for his new room

I have some hand knitted items for boys here:

And to decorate a boy’s new room, I have a pom poms garland which can be customised too:

Thank you all :laughing:

I’m going to have a look through later.

I have some nice pinboards to put all ones cards etc

Hello, I have a piece of artwork in my shop, which could be framed for a boy’s first birthday. It is made from the original page of a 1963 book, showing a little boy getting into bed. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

How about a lovely print to decorate his new room… this is just one of the prints available in my shop, all come either fully mounted or framed.

this might be of interest

Bit late for his birthday, but maybe for Christmas - these are a lovey gift for preschoolers and encourage imaginative play…