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50th Birthday gift ideas

Does she wear glasses. I have a range of softly padded, securely fastening cases in a variety of fabrics and colours.

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Laughing out loud at some of these! :grin:

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I need something more special as a birthday gift for my mom. She is turning 70 years old. Something unique.

How about a beautiful hot water bottle

or, if she still rides a bike a unique saddle bag

or a little lavender sachet

Hope she had a wonderful day xx

you should gift her a beautiful wrist watch it will make her a jolly.

Does she drink tea??? I have a rainbow teapot cosy just listed in my shop…make a great gift for her…

Card for 50th;

I gifted my dad a traditional music box and he was surprised. If you want you can checkout the collection of Music Box Attic.

How about one of these in a favourite colour, and will live for ever.

Sounds like she is different. Make her something that she normally won’t buy herself, but might like. Add a bit of your own personality into it, so she will remember you when she uses it.
Try this Gold Star Design 50th Birthday Favors.