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5mm Circle die

Hi - does anyone know of any 5mm circle dies please? I need to make small eyes out of felt!
Thank you :cat2:

I’ve had a quick look but circle dies tend to start at 10mm. Maybe the centre of a flower die or if you have a tag die with a hole at the top, could you use the top of the die?

You would probably be better off with a leather punch rather than a die for card depending on the thickness of the felt you use. Something like this would probably do the trick

you might be able to get a single size one rather than a set, I didn’t look that far.

Thank you both very much - I will look into both. Thanks again xx :cat2:

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I bought an eyelet punch off eBay which was cheap as it came from china and didn’t take that long to arrive either. So I’m sure you’ll be able to get one of the leather punches from eBay too.

Thanks Pauline xx :cat2:

I use Woodware plier punches to make little holes in cards, they might work on felt.
Lots of different sized holes are available too.

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I use this to punch small circles from felt sheets. I find that using 2 layers of felt (often using scrap offcuts as the bottom layer) gives a cleaner edge to the circle of felt created. Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much - this is all very helpful xx :cat2:

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