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Metal stamping- looking for blanks

I’m looking to make a nice little present for my boyfriends mother and sisters, the idea I had in mind was three circles that fit into each other, something a bit like this image here:

This particular supplier hasn’t got all the different sizes in stock, can anyone help?
I’m on a fairly small budget but any suggestions would be great. :slight_smile:

I’d buy a single round blank, draw out the 3 rings you want and then cut them out using a jig or frame saw (drill a small hole then assemble the saw through the hole and cut along the line, repeating for each circle). You’ll need to finish the edges but they will sit perfectly inside each other.


I totally agree with @SashaGarrett and also, buying one piece of sheet will be much better value for money than buying blanks, which are always overpriced.

Sam x

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Thanks for your advice. I think if I had more experience with metal, I’d have a go at making my own. I may re-think my idea for this Christmas. :wink:
If I had more time to play with, and more pennies, I’d explore the idea further but it’s difficult to get on with new ideas when you don’t have time isn’t it?
I’m not ad organized this year!

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Totally! It is always a bit daunting when you start a new craft but I can reassure you that when you start your project you will see that actually it’s easy :wink: Best to do it when you have more time.

Sam, x