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I'm looking for a hole punch

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with hole punches. For my brooch packaging I need the hole punch to punch a hole around 1 1/2 cm into the card on both sides. Normal office ones don’t go far enough into the card on either side- the gab between the holes ends up being too far appart for the brooch attachment if you see what I mean?

I’ve been using one of the ones you tap with a hammer to punch a hole in- but it takes too long because they’re blunt and it ends up being more of a ffaff.

Does anyone know of a single hole punch that had a better ‘reach’? I’m looking for an in expensive one. I thought this one looked promising but I’m not sure?

Does anyone have any experience with hole punches?

Just because I’m confusing myself- it’s hard to describe what I want-

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I use one of these, punches through anything!
They are available in different sizes and are usually around £10 in UK.

I have the one your looking at, I bought it in a Chinese shop in Spain, I find it very useful, but I’m not sure it will stand up to a huge amount of use!

These have a 2" reach and come in a choice of hole size:"+reach+punch

hi lowri :slight_smile:
i have got a single one for holes for mounting brooches on cardboard but only has small ‘reach’ - i have been looking for one too that reaches ‘further in’ to the card - is that what you mean - very hard to explain.
the problem with the single punch i have is the holes are okay from either side but end up being too near bottom of card which sometimes looks a bit off as brooch slightly overhangs bottom of card - if u know what i mean.

i will measure and get back to you…

update :
just have measured and is approx.17mm from end of card to start of hole

here is one i have

i hope all of this makes sense - !

I have one of these. It’s very good.

thanks for your replies everyone, I’ll have a proper look at the suggestions tonight.
You’d think it’d be a simple request but I can’t find anything in any shops around me. Thanks again :slight_smile:

How about one like this, I’ve not used one but have seen them used on TV, you just place the tip where you want the hole and push down (although you do need a solid mat underneath to prevent damage to your desk/table

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Thank you everyone. After all that I managed to find one in a shop in Llandudno! And for £3. I wasn’t sure if it’d do the job but aft some testing on leaflets it looks like it will be perfect!

Thanks everyone for your time :slight_smile:

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