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A Mother's Day Gift...she made it!


My Mum is coming up for 94 and had been in hospital since January 1st, never thought she would get over her pneumonia but she came home this week! During visiting time I made her a lap blanket for Mother’s Day…didn’t think she would make it home so wasn’t planning flowers as a present…She has dementia so she may have forgotten me sat crocheting away…So I have been productive and now making a blanket for my friend but a star burst pattern…just wanted to share…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

a lovely bright colourful and cosy gift

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(Dawn Sneesby) #3

Oh that’s lovely @bramleycards I’m sure it will be an extra special Mothers Day for you and your Mum.

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(Helen McCartney Designs) #4

That is absolutely stunning and wonderful news about your Mum coming home. All the best to you and your Mum.


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Thank you lovely people…I love this one so I am especially please to give it to her…she could have used it in hospital but we have had snow this week so will be handy to pop over her legs as her mobility is very limited and she sits a lot…and she has her toy boy (my Dad at 89) looking after her!!

(Annie Storkey) #6

What a lovely, thoughtful gift.

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(Cherie O'Rawe) #7

That’s so lovely😄 Blanket is beautiful.

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(Helen McCartney Designs) #8

You need to start selling them on here, although they would obviously take you a long time.

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Yes Helen, I have started another one to sell, but my friends one needs to be made first now.
Thank all for taking the time to look at this thread x

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(Jan Ryan) #10

A lovely mothers day gift for your mum and a lovely mothers day gift for you to have your mum back home with her ‘toy boy’ :slight_smile:


He thinks so, they have been devoted to each other!!! She is a lucky lady!!:heart_eyes:

(Tina Martin) #12

Lovely news about your mum and I bet she’ll love her blanket :slight_smile:

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(Sarah Lambert) #13

I hope you have a lovely day with your mum. :slightly_smiling:

This is my first without mine and it’s very hard.

(Helen Healey) #14

Such a beautiful gift. Best wishes to your Mum for tomorrow.

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Thank you…I know she is frail now so a worry…Sarah my heart goes out to you it will be hard for you…hope you can think of all good times you had and celebrate her in your own way x

(Oh Button Me) #16

What a lovely thread the blanket is beautiful and great news your mum’s home.

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