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Happy Friday Morning 24/7

It’s my Mum’s birthday today so I need to make a phone call shortly.

Roz @Rozcraftz you’re new poppy scarf is beautiful and the photo turned out great! I saw yours too on Folksy’s front page Donna @RedDragonDesigns, it’s lovely! :wink:

Glad you had a sale Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, well done! :smile:

I woke a little later this morning so I need to get this coffee finished so I can get on with making 2 orders. Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 have your tags arrived yet?

Sasha @SashaGarrett do you have anything new to show me? :grin:

Will be back later, all be good! x

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Thank you Kelly @tagpress for the scarf love. Thought I had missed your daily post today but turns out you were just having a lie in!

I’m being distinctly lazy again today - just one more cup of coffee and then I will get up and walk the dogs.

Thanks @tagpress. No I haven’t received my tags yet. Hopefully they will arrive today.
I always leave it a few days just incase the post is walking.

Awwww hope your mum has a good birthday Kelly.

roz @Rozcraftz it’s great being lazy sometimes. I’m being soooo lazy can’t be bothered to do anything.

Good morning :wave:

I’ve been abit naughty and had a sneaky lie in myself. I’m just having a spot of breakfast and then I’m going to get cracking on some photography and hopefully there will be time to make a few more goodies :smiley:

Well that’s the plan, but I’m feeling a little idle if I’m honest. I could quite easily curl up on the sofa and catch up with EastEnders. It’s dull and rainy so it might not be the best lighting for a photo session :wink:

Does anyone else have days like this? Where you know in your heart you should be bounding about making things and keeping busy, but the motivation just flutters away and you end up not doing a lot. I find myself spending too much time on Pinterest and Instagram lol.
I am on holiday from the usual day job so I guess I shouldn’t feel too guilty about wanting a little chill time.

Wishing your Mum a lovely Birthday Kelly @tagpress


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Hello Ladies!
Wish you all beautiful day with lots of sales!
I have toddlers group with my son today plus my crafty evening with friend - new cards :slight_smile: Hopefully will steal some time during weekend to make few new jewellery pieces. Gosh I need new box for whole my beading stuff :slight_smile: I have beads all over the house :slight_smile:

Kelly @tagpress my tags just arrived thanks they are lovely.
Will go leave feedback in a min.

Karen @karenscraftybitz I always feel like that. :wink:

I have my final open studio of the summer this weekend (we run them every july here Cambridge - its a very popular scheme). Now since my work shop looks like this…

(yup 2 people in it and you can’t move) I set up in the kitchen/ diner so I have been busy cleaning and setting up so it now looks like…

(A little corner has been left available for tea making and its a reheated lump from the freezer for dinner tonight). But now that’s done I can focus on finishing off

trying to decide what shape to make the bail.

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Thanks Roz @Rozcraftz. Did you manage to get up yet? lol. I felt so tired this morning but that’ll be from falling asleep early hours and yesterday morning I woke at 5am when I thought the phone was ringing.

Omg, Emmerdale was brilliant last night! Can’t wait for tonight’s and I have last night’s Eastenders to watch too. Does anyone else watch their soaps in bed? I record them and just watch everything once I crawl into it!

Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 I’m glad the tags have arrived and that you like them. :wink:

Karen @karenscraftybitz, I get days like that too! I can’t get going today at all but I have both orders made and OH has taken them to the Post Office for me. I have no plans to go anywhere today so I’m going to take myself to the shower and change into clean pj’s lol. x

Sasha @SashaGarrett you’re setup looks great, good job! Let us know which shape you decide on, I hope you do well with the open studio, keeping my fingers crossed for you! x

I’ve kept my head down all morning, well in actual fact it has been at the oven door, I was doing so well until DISASTER,

Well that depends entirely who you are asking in my household, because for some that means ‘Bonus time’!
Head down, still got all afternoon and night if need be!
Suzzie x
Wish I could share it all with you, x (not the disaster, the Bakewell tart!)

Can’t keep up you Kelly @tagpress you are so active on the forums. Have just ordered 2 sets of your lovely tags which I’m going to use to price up my stuff at Burnham Market craft fair. This is a big event and I had to apply and send photos to the committee. I was thrilled to get in. Now am feeling nervous, especially as Hubby and Daughter will probably have to do the stall because if the steroid treatment hasn’t worked its chemo and no travelling for me. Anyway your tags will look lovely and be a big help.,

Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE, I’m so sorry you’re cake took a turn for the worse,I can’t help but laugh!! Sorry! :grin: It looks absolutely divine and I’d be happy to eat it broken! lol. I know you’ll be disheartened by it but I’m glad you’re going to make another! x

Thanks so much Megan, I’ve just noticed the order! I’d never thought of using them as price tags but it’s a fab idea! I hope you’re able to travel, fingers crossed! Will make these shortly and they’ll be posted out 1st Class in a bit. Thanks again. x

Good afternoon everyone, it’s a rainy old day here today, I’m glad I took new photo’s yesterday when it was nice and bright. Love bakewell tart, did you know that when it’s broken all the calories escape so it’s actually better for you. :smile:

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That comment made me smile Jan @HandcraftedbyPicto! :smile:

Today has turned into a lovely day for me, despite how I felt when I woke up and it just got better! Camilla @folksycontent told me my knitting theme I did on Pinterest has made it into the Folksy gift guides! I’m literally over the moon. x

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Brilliant news getting on the Folksy gift guide,@tagpress. Its so uplifting knowing something you have put together has been chosen out of the thousands that all the Folksiers do. Well done you.
2nd Bakewell Tart cooling, thinner pastry, as used the left over scraps I hadnt eaten!, and a lot less raspberry jam, and waiting for it to cool before I try and turn it out.
Does anyone else hold by the myth that if you eat a broken biscuit the calories dont count, and would that stand for a tart? ! Have just read your reply @Handcrafted by Picto, Jan Ryan Art & Ill and It seems that if two people agree it must be true!!
Suzzie x


Thanks for that Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE. You’re knitted sheep hanger is showing inside it! :grin:
Hope this tart turns out okay, I’m sure it will.

I too think the calories don’t count, how can they when the breakage causes crumbling. lol x

Happy Friday, it looks like everyone’s being productive… and if not, well, you deserve a cosy day, it’s raining and it’s grey, the duvet is the only solution! :wink:

I waited in all morning for shrink plastic to arrive in the post. I have dabbled before but never with the clear stuff, anyway, I’ve been pondering over trying it again ever since finding old discarded pieces I made with it a few years ago. I’ve been getting used to it again and trying new techniques and I’m really excited about it. I can finally make better jewellery from my drawings. :smiley:
Here are my first batch- I’ve learnt how to paint them better and not to apply too much heat too fast from these, and not to use a textured book to flatten them. :wink:

Excited to make a better batch now :smiley:


They look fantastic @twinkleandgloomart! I can see why you’re excited about them, I think they’d sell a treat! x

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Tags are made Megan @SoSewMegan and they’ve been taken to the Post Office by OH. He had to pass on his way to Tesco so he offered to go back for me! x :smile:

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Kelly @tagpress can’t believe you didn’t think of using your tags as price tags. That’s why I have been buying them.
They look so lovely and professional.
I love erm.

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