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Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all mummy’s, grandma’s, carers, single dads and everyone that fits the category a very happy mother’s day! I know a lot of mothers are facing this day alone, mine included. I work with the public so have kept a safe distance. Super difficult times for everyone but while its cloudy right now, the air will clear and we can revisit this day and do it properly.

FaceTime has been my savior the past 2 weeks :raised_hands:

Have an amazing day everyone!

much love :heart:


Yes, Happy Mother’s Day everyone :slight_smile: I wrapped my Mum’s present up about 5 days ago and I’m going to go to her house and tip it out of the bag onto the doorstep without touching it. I may wave at her from a distance!
I’ve been trying to get her to install skype on her laptop but it’s hard telling her what to do over the phone without being there to do it for her (as she is not computer savvy at all!)
We haven’t quite managed it yet…lol!
I may have to find a way to remotely access her computer and do it that way.


Happy Mother’s Day everyone. Managed to visit my Mum a couple of weeks ago to have an early Mother’s Day together. Mine has no internet so keeping in contact on the phone and whilst I can shall send her a little something in the post each week. Now have a selection of colourful postcards plus small sewing patterns, photocopies of my makes and I have just made some little tags to go in the next envelope. It’s the little things that count. Keep safe and creative everyone.


There have been Mother’s days in the past when I haven’t seen my daughter, but I’ve never missed her like I’m missing her today. I had a lovely, thoughtful parcel from her which came yesterday.
I’m worried about her though because she lives in London and is a teacher.
Both our mothers are long gone, not sure what they would have made of all this, but we will be remembering all the good times today.

Edit. The cheeky monkey just posted this on my Fb timeline. I love her to bits :rofl: (It’s all true)

Happy Remote Mother’s Day to my excellent mother. I’m sorry we aren’t together, and I’m sending love as you come to terms with the temporary closure of Wetherspoons. I know it will be difficult for you, but I’m sure Tuesday Steak Night will be back eventually. In the meantime this will be a great opportunity to get to know your kitchen. Start with the wine cupboard - You’ll manage :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Happy Mother’s Day to us all - mothers past and present and all women everywhere. Celebrate our fabulousness, we truly are amazing :woman_cartwheeling:


Happy Mother’s Day :hibiscus:


Mother’s Day in Mulberry Green
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