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Am i pricing my items too low or too high?

(Debbi) #1

Hi people…advice please do you think i may pricing some my jewellery too high and others not enough…each item is all my own wire and metal work…with gemstones and quality beads…i do make most of my own chain as you can see in my pictures…

Criticism welcome :slight_smile:

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(Helen Smith) #2

At a glance I would say, not enough, but only you know how long each piece takes you to make… are you paying yourself a proper hourly wage? And I know copper these days is not as cheap as it used to be…

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(Sasha Garrett) #3

Looking at the other items listed in the copper jewellery section I think you’ve got it spot on but my first impression when I looked in your shop was that you weren’t charging enough given the hours that must have gone into it.

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Your wire and metal work is beautiful, I think with some of your items you could charge a higher price.

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(Deborah Jones) #5

I too can see how much time has gone into making them and would say not enough - they look like wholesale prices- not retail.
Often you will find sales increase if you put your prices up - as people will equate price with desirability and quality.
You can’t really try to price in line with other makers on here as there are some who barely charge enough to cover materials let alone charge for time. Be confident and charge a good price.

(Debbi) #6

Thank you ladies…sorry for the late response…been unwell the last couple of days…Thank you for all your feedback/comments…Helen i dont pay myself an hourly wage…my profits go back in to the business…all advice taken on board…i will do some research…and thank you for getting back to me xx

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(Helen Smith) #7

Even if you don’t actually ‘pay’ yourself the wage (how many of us do I wonder?) you should work out the prices as if you are going to, otherwise you’ll never be able to…

(PaulsJewels) #8

I had a quick peek, the first thing that caught my eye was a pair of earrings, in 100% honesty before i looked at them properly i thought they were at the top end of what i would pay for a gift, but then I read the blurb/hammered metals/real stones etc and looked at all the pictures in a few of your items descriptions.
The pictures are fantastic very jealous really professional and do show your items off really well, and after looking at most of your things the price does to me seems a good one. (I’m not tight, but i wont pay for something if i hum and harr about if its worth it, i will just keep looking, and if i were a buyer that found your store while looking for gifts i would have brought)

(Debbi) #9

Thanks helen…i have found a calculator to work out everything…so i will use that from now on…:slight_smile:

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(Debbi) #10

Thank you Paul for your compliments on my pictures and your feedback :slight_smile: