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An afternoon with Mr Squirrel

One afternoon I was sitting on bench in a beautiful park reading my book. A squirrel appeared from behind the bench and I suppose he smelled a snack I had made with dates and nuts. Then he started a little entertaining show…he jumped on my lap, poke his little nose into my bag while his feet were on my book, then he jumped on a neaby fence, then on top of my head and stood there for a couple of seconds…and back on my lap, my book and searching my bag. That went on for about 10 mins, the most joyful 10 mins ever! They are just adorable!

I didn’t know squirrels get that close to people. I’ve watched them getting close with caution before but then run away.

He also posed for me :smile:


Awww :heart_eyes: What a great experience! I love squirrels.

They’re often cautious but I think ones that are used to regularly being fed by humans can get quite bold and cheeky.

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Awww thats lovely… We get quite a few really friendly ones at a local park, I love watching their antics, I used to get them in my previous garden and loved watching them but I did have to battle with them over the flowers, bulbs and birdseed. :chipmunk:
This is one on my garden shed.