Folksy Ltd

I love it!

I went on a site just now and a little notice popped up saying by continuing to use the site I agreed to the use of biscuits :blush: it made me chuckle.

What tickles you?


Hi Sarah :smile: @plainprimitives
That was different! lol.

I had to laugh earlier this evening actually as my sister was on her way to work this morning and theres always this older man stood by the bus stop who chats to her but hes quite strange and she tries to avoid him because she’s embarrassed by the way he dresses but never can!

Anyway, he always wears a purple waistcoat covered in badges, bright orange socks with leopard print shoes and a yellow tshirt with illuminous green shorts. She got onto the bus and there was a lot of people on it, baring in mind this man is chatting away to her. A lady tapped my sister on the shoulder and said ‘excuse me, your dad dropped his badge’, I thought it was hilarious!! x

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Aw- he sounds lovely though- at least the lady who tapped your sister on the shoulder didn’t say ‘your boyfriend dropped his badge’ :smile:


I’m tickled daily by out Yorkie, Pixie. He does so many peculiar things in a day that I can’t even explain it… for example, his love for the cat next door. When he hears cats fighting, he cries his hear out and goes to the door asking to be let out, he’ll go and check where Tiggy (the cat) sleeps to check he’s ok. His ways make me giggle, he fills out lives with joy. :smile: He’s such a character.


That’s real friendship, sooo cute xxx

He is lovely Sarah @plainprimitives x

Your dog is so adorable @twinkleandgloomart x