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Animal cruelty

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #1

In tears last night watching The dog rescuers on channel 5. Hubby wouldnt watch it but because I used to be an animal nurse i was interested. Horrible the way people neglect these poor animals that depend on us to look after them. The english bull terriers story was upsetting but I hate to say this I have seen a worse case when I was at vets and the dog survived and we found it a lovely home. I remember taking the dog from vets to the animal home to be rehomed and feeling so sad as we all were attached to her and she was attached to us. She has been starved ,left in a tiny cupboard . She had pups but ate them. She was anaemic, dehydrated, fleas,sores ,couldnt stand and so skinny and she still wagged her tail at you. She was going to put her down as thought her kidneys were damaged but we thought we would try and save her and the spca were willing to pay the costs. She didnt have the strength to even eat but after drip and blood transfusion she stared eating small amounts. We kept her at vets for a few months as progress was slow but she made it.
On the programm there was also an overweight dog . He had an owner who fed him too much and I get angry with that as well as that is really a form of cruelty too. I know it is hard not to feed your dog when they look at you with those eyes ( I have a labrador that is very good at that!
Then there was the dog that was so badly matted its paws had fallen off!
Thats me had a vent better go and get something done!

(Karen Ellam) #2

Hi Diane

I didn’t see last nights programme, but I have seen animal rescues on TV before, and its heartbreaking.
Too many people make a rash decision to have a pet/pets without thoroughly researching, and thinking about the long term changes and hard work involved.
It gets me quite heated.
I never forget a woman with her children in a well known pet shop a few years back. It was school holidays, and I got the impression she was looking for something to keep them entertained.
They walked the length and breadth of the shop looking at all the animals and it was obvious they had no clue how to look after any of them. Firstly they wanted a goldfish. “Nah. They’re boring… Don’t do anything” was the woman’s remark.
They homed in on the guinea pigs and I was cringing as guinea pigs are close to my heart. I have 2 girl piggies and they are a lot of hard work, and they need fresh food everyday as well as clean water, hay and dry food…
They couldn’t decide what to have, as they didn’t know anything about any animals wants and needs.
I just had visions of one lonely guinea pig, bored and hungry and forgotten down the bottom of the garden once school started again and the novelty wore off.
I grabbed what I needed, paid and drove home keeping my fingers crossed they decided in the end to go in Toys r Us next door and get a board game or Swingball :grinning:

Karen :dog2::rabbit2::mouse2::hamster::rat:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

My Dog is the puppy of a rescued dog.

My friends in London where walking their Staffie bitch when they saw 3 days in a row a poor Staffie cross puppy tied up outside in the front garden with no food, water or shelter.

They’d knocked twice but no one was in. They had planned to go visit them on the 4th day and have a word and if they got no answer were going to ring the RSPCA. When they arrived they saw the guy pick the dog up and throw it over the fence.

They rescued him a lovely puppy full of love and extremely gentle. What they didn’t know was he was old enough to sire puppies. So along came my lovely Garrett who has the same colour and attuide to life as his ‘thrown away’ daddy. Which is I’m gonna love you to death with doggy licks.

(Lynn Britton) #4

Animal cruelty just makes my blood boil, I honestly don’t know if I could be responsible for my actions if I caught someone ill-treating an animal. I have over the past goodness knows how many years had rescued greyhounds, now on my fourth, my beautiful Katie who is so loving and absolutely adorable, poor darling is covered in racing injury scars, has a mis-shapen paw where a fracture has not been dealt with properly and what looks like cigarette burn scars, how people can do this is beyond me.
Thank goodness there are plenty of us animal lovers to take in the ill-treated animals.

(Rachel) #5

I struggle to watch programmes like this as it makes me mad, I have all second hand pets (ex batty hens, an earless rabbit and foster dogs from the springer spaniel rescue) - I understand that some peoples circumstances change but down right cruelty is awful.

(Roz) #6

I have 2 rescue dogs and I won’t pretend it’s been easy as they both have “issues” which is hardly surprising when the history isn’t good. Not too sure of the history of our older dog but the younger one, an English springer spaniel, we rescued at the age of 2 yrs. He had been kept in a shed all his life and was painfully thin. He still won’t venture into the garden without someone with him and I do sometimes wonder if its because of the presence of a shed as he loves being outdoors anywhere else.
Not sure why people keep animals and then are cruel to them, surely it’s easier just to re home them if you find they don’t suit although that shouldn’t happen if you’ve thought properly about getting one in the first place.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #7

Karen I think some people think small animals are just for sticking in a cage and looking at. I feel for rabbits and gps when they are never out their hutch or cage. The novelty often wears off but parents should step in and be willing to take over the care.
I love my 2 rabbits and they are put out in their run daily unless its very wet as they dont go into their shelter so go all soggy!

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #8

I think all of you that are “Savers” do an excellent job taking on animals with difficulties, not an easy job but it will be very rewarding

(Caz Par Crafts) #10

Hi, I watched it and found myself heart broken and in floods of tears. How do people not feed their animals? There’s no excuse, if you can’t look after them then take them to a rescue center. My dog gets fed before I do and I only go shopping when I need to buy more dog food! My first yorky was from an animal farm and I believe from the story I was told when I got him he was kept in a dark shed for the first 6/7 years of his life. He was very timid and pee’d at the slightest load noise, he used to sit on my knee and shiver. First thing I had to do when I got him was have most of his teeth removed as they were infected and rotten. It took about 12 months for him to bark which was a shock at the time but wonderful as I felt this was a mile stone of his gaining confidence. He was a lovely little dog and I’m glad I gave him the time and love he needed for a better life.

Carole x