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Another sad day

(Kate Turner) #1

Hardest decision ever today …Little Lucy has now crossed Rainbow Bridge aged 15yrs
She had been struggling for a little while with failing kidneys and was starting to turn her nose up at food.
Vet said she was in beautiful condition, but it was the kindest and Hardest decision I had to make.
She was with me through thick and thin and I stayed with her to the end. She was so beautiful. People dont always understand and think its just a Cat. Who sat by me when I was poorly, sat with me when I cried.

Go run at that bridge little puss and find Louie XXXXXXXXXX

(Karen Ellam) #2

Awww Kate I’m so sorry to hear your sad news.

Sending you a virtual hug


(Stephanie Guy) #3

I’m so sorry for your loss, it is indeed the hardest decision to make :heart:

(Minerva) #4

I’m sorry for your loss. It doesn’t matter if it was just a cat…it was a creature you connected with for 15 years. Some relationships with human beings don’t last for more than 15 weeks! Is it the cat you have in your avatar? A big virtual hug from me…

(Elaine) #5

That’s very sad - such a good age, a long and fulfilling life. We lost one of our cats, Tilly, yesterday. Sadly she was just 3 1/2 but suffered from polyps and didn’t survive her operation. She was a perfect little lady - will miss her so much.

(Suzanne Francis) #6

really sorry to hear about your Lucy, it’s always so painful. She wasn’t just a cat, she was your pal for 15 years - a lot of people under estimate the significance of that. I always imagine my ones running around together in cat heaven somewhere - it’s a nice thought xx

Suzanne :o)

(Joy Salt) #8

Kate Very sad for you. I don’t have any pets at the moment as our 3-4 week motorhome trips are not really compatible with having a dog but I’ve had golden retrievers and cats in the past. I lost my first beloved golden, Jasper, aged 13 when I called the vet out to the house, having promised Jasper I would as soon as his back legs caused him any bigger problem.
The next day I took my children to see some puppies and we came home having ordered two.
This wasn’t disloyal to Jasper but a sign of my affection, that I had enjoyed his company and missed him so much I needed another retriever to love. (or retrievers in this case).
So my suggestion is, get yourself another cat :smile:

(Kate Turner) #9

Hi ellestreasure,
I hope that Tilly has found Lucy and they enjoy their new surroundings together.
Hi Joy
I still have Elliott which is Lucy’s litter brother.
What is really sad is Elliott keeps looking for her.
Devious has decided he will disappear, which he does sometimes. the box on the landing is now empty and I have put it away.
I know I made the right decision but even I keep looking for her as she was never far from me.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #10

Sorry you have lost your much-loved Lucy. We had much the same with our little cat, Sherlock, in January 2013. I stayed with him to the end also. We all missed him so much and eventually we just missed having “a cat” around our home - but we had a building project going on, so it wasn’t fair to bring another cat into the chaos.

In December 2013, we finally finished our project and Tom came to live with us. He was a rescue cat, who had been left behind when his original family moved on; he lived rough for two years, being fed sometimes by a neighbour, who then took him to the vet when his eye became inflamed. After treatment, he spent a whole year in a foster kennels, as he is black (not a “cool” colour for cats!) and very fluffy (people can’t be bothered with grooming - but Tom loves it!). We brought him home and he is now an established member of our family. He’s so happy that we know it was the right thing, to bring another cat into our home. Memories of Sherlock are sweeter, for having given a home to another lonely puss, who needed the love we had to give him. One day, Tom will join Sherlock and they will maybe play together - Just like Lucy and Louie!

I sympathise with your loss - I know how devastating and agonising it is, to have to make such a decision. It was the right thing to do and you didn’t desert Lucy at the last, but stayed with her. She is now at peace, so I hope her peacefulness will envelop you and that you will soon feel able to let her go. Perhaps you may feel, later on, that you can offer a home to another sad and lonely cat, who is waiting for a family.

Bless you!


(Sue Beacham) #11

They break your heart when they fall asleep, our animals become part of the family, we are thinking of having another pup when my husband retires next year after years of not having a pet, we shall see.


(Yvette ) #12

So sad, I had to put one of my cats to sleep last year. She was 16 yrs and it was a very difficult decision to make.

(Lynn Britton) #13

How sad for you, a loving pets loss is always hard to bear, they are so much part of the family. Each time it has happened to me I say I can’t go through this again, but I do, life just wouldn’t be the same without their love and company.

(Kate Turner) #14

A big thank you ladies,
I sometime think this is why I stay on Folksy, never seem to sell much but when the chips are down you ladies are aways there.


(Kate Turner) #15

Hi Lizzie

Thank you so much for your words.
Your right why is it that Black is not a cool colour. Me personally will always go for a black cat I love them. Devious is black and he just walked into the garden in 2006 and has been with me ever since. The vet said he had been dumped as he was about 1 yr old and no long cute and fluffy. He is adoreable. He goes off every now and again for a day or so then always comes back. He has done this now I think he knows Lucy is not about. So only got Elliott for company today.

Wish I could remember how to put a picture on here from my computer but cant find that complicated link

Kate xxxxxxxxx