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Any Craft places in Sheffield area?

I’ve got a day in Sheffield tomorrow Saturday 1st October - can anyone from this area suggest some nice arty crafty places in the city or surrounding area I could have a mooch around? I’ll have my car, never been before and I love searching out craft places in new areas!

I don’t know about arts and crafts but you might enjoy the antiques corner? Some lovely pubs and cafes around there too. Not from Sheffield so can’t tell you the area/street names off the top of my head but google produced this which has a full list including an arts and crafts section:

Thanks! I had read about this place and was going to go there - your link has a walking map link though which is great! Thank you. X

You could take a look at Bessemer II Gallery on Ecclesall Road, they sell jewellery, artwork, ceramics, textiles etc. I used to work at the Bessemer I Gallery in the Winter Gardens in Sheffield City Centre, sadly it’s not there anymore. There is also the Millenium Gallery in the Winter Gardens.

That looks good, hoping to visit Sheffield myself next month so I might be able to include that too.

Thanks - I’ll put that on my itinerary!