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Christmas Market Yorkshire 7.12.19

Are there any other Potters or other makers on Folksy in Yorkshire/Derbyshire? If so, you might be interested in taking a stall at The Art House Christmas Market in Sheffield on 7.12.19 I’ll be having a stall selling my handmade pottery (25% donated to local cat rescue) My stall did really well a couple of years ago and its a lovely venue. The Art House, 8 Backfields, Sheffield, S1 4HJ.

If you are interested in a stall please contact Daisy on 0114 272 3970 or email

It would be really great to connect with you on Folksy and face-to-face. A week ago, they definitely had plenty of space for more stalls so who else fancies joining me?

I’m very new to Folksy (although I have been selling on another site for a while) and I’m slowly trying to figure out the forums and getting to know my way around and I’m really enjoying exploring so many of your shops, and I’m building up a list of Christmas presents from some of the lovely things I’ve seen on here!!!

Link to my shop here and I’m on Facebook and Instagram too -

That looks a nice event, I’m not far from Sheffield and I might have come along (as a customer!) except that I’m already booked into our local market that day. Hope you do well, let us know how it goes. xxx

Thanks and I hope you do great at your event as well😉

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I am also Sheffield based and waiting to hear if I have been successfully applying for a stall elsewhere. Can you give me more information please?

@thatenamelguy and I are in Yorkshire - granted the other side - but our son lives in Sheffield, and we would be interested. More information please @Pawprintpottery,

Hi Karen, I spoke to someone called daisy and the telephone number is 0114 270 3970. Hope to meet you there😀

Sure, please contact Daisy on 0114 272 3970 or email

Thanks for the information

OOO I’m only an hour away in Ashton and am not currently booked that day, might take my jewellery on a trip, especially if it means no gazebo to set up for a change!

Fantastic. If you do get yourself a stall make sure to come and find me and say hi😉