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Any way to link similar items?

(Claire Mead) #1

Hi, I make sets of items that match and am listing them all separately but is there anyway to link the items. ie- I have a make up bag with matching coin purse and key ring. I have in other sites put a link so someone can look at the matching item. Is there anyway to do this on folksy?
Thanks for the help am new here this week.

(Amberlilly) #2

Can’t you just pop the link in the list discription?

(Claire Mead) #3

Hi, thanks for your reply. I have tried copying and pasting the link but it does not work. You cannot click on it. I do this quite often as I sell on other sites and like to put matching items together.

(Amberlilly) #4

Maybe ask Admin, they may see your post?

(Claire Mead) #5

okay, thanks for your help

(Kim Blythe) #6

I don’t think links work on listings.
If I have matching items I take a picture of them together and show that as one of the extra photographs.
I then put something like ‘Matching key fob and make up bag available in separate listing’ in the description.


(Claire Mead) #7

Hi, Thanks I have put some photos with the matching items and a message.
Thanks for your help