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Links to other items in my folksy shop?

(Kate Green) #1

Hi, can I put links in a listing to another listing? ie same picture but different size? I tried it but the link has gone grey and does automatically link - is there are way of doing it?
Cheers Kate

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I’m afraid not - its something that has been bugging us shop owners for a while and we keep asking to be able to do this but so far no joy. I’d like to be able to link from a necklace to the matching earrings for example in the hope that it would encourage people to buy both items but as it is all I can do it put in the description that matching items are available and hope that they have both read that and can be bothered to go looking for them.
There is a users voice section (I always find it by accident) that you can put your alteration suggestions on and vote for other people’s in the hope that they might eventually happen.

(Samantha Stanley) #3

You can create a “collection” on the collections page with matching items together. That’s how link matching earrings and necklaces together.

Love Sam :whale: