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Anyone else getting charity 'spam' as Folksy messages?

(Christine Shephard) #1

I’ve had 2 already this morning - what’s the best way to stop them, if there is a way?

(Nora Hessayon) #2

I have just had one as well about an hour ago. I deleted it straight away but it did make me think about it as it was from a bona fide charity. I thought of replying and sayiing something but that would be a bit mean spirited so I don’t know if there actually is a way of stopping it happening.

(Christine Shephard) #3

I’ve sent a copy to admin - hopefully they will be able to block the sender. It may be a bona fide charity, but it’s not an acceptable way to raise funds/donations, in my opinion anyway.

(Linda Wild) #4

I had one too…I hate getting these. It makes you feel mean if you don’t make a donation but I prefer to choose my charities myself.

(Wanda) #5

Yes I have had one this morning too, have deleted it, although felt terribly guilty. It is a genuine charity, that founded by John Cauldwell of Phones4U. Oh dear may have to have a rethink now and for the sake of peace of mind - donate something!

(Nora Hessayon) #6

Good idea to send a copy to admin . I hadn’t thought about that. I agree it is definitely not an ethical way of raising money.

(Leathermeister) #7

I think it is best to choose one or two charities you want to contribute to and stick to them. One of my is RNLI its well known, it has saved many lives and as a boatie it is also a bit of insurance. It helps me to answer why I don’t contibute to many other on the spot requests.

(Donna) #8

Yes, I got one, it made me feel really guilty for not donating, but I think you have to pick the charities you want to give to and harden your heart to the others.

(Christine Shephard) #9

I work as a shop volunteer and fundraiser for the RNLI, so it is also one of my chosen charities. Living on the coast made me very aware of the dangers not just to those who sail but to everyone, especially children, when in the water.

I also have a few other chosen charities that have personal significance to me. I can’t give to everyone who asks and resent being made to feel guilty by those who target me directly.

Admin have replied and will contact the sender.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #10

They are considered spam so you should report them to admin even if they are real charities.

(Karen Ellam) #11


I never think to check in my spam box.
So I’ve just had a little look… No charity emails just gajillions of emails regarding pills for willy enlargements!!!
For the love of Pete whatever next! :blush::open_mouth:

Karen :blossom:

(Linda Wild) #12

I get those all the time lol!

(Roz) #13

Yes I’ve had a couple recently, always feel guilty but delete them. I once made up a couple of items someone requested for a charity auction. Didn’t really want to do them but felt pressurised, all went well, made the items and then no contact. That was about 6 months ago and Ive never heard a dickie bird so now have two items just sitting on my shelf - perhaps I should try and sell them but knowing my luck they would probably then get in touch again as soon as they’ve been sold!

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #14

I also got a couple of Spam “Charity” e-mails via Folksy. I deleted them and have to say that I do not feel guilty about it. I don’t think this is a fair or legitimate way to raise funds and it’s against Folksy policy (as far as I understand it anyway…).

My mum is continually spammed by post, by many of the well-known charities. The latest was RSPCA, sending her horrific photos of abused animals, with heart-rending pleas for donations. She’s a pensioner, on a very limited budget… yet she felt she had to contribute - money she couldn’t really afford. She already supports some charities on a regular basis, as do I and Mister LizzieMade. I find such begging letters quite disgusting - especially those of the kind that arrive in my mother’s letter box, which are designed to make people upset and play on their feelings.

I have recently donated some items for a prize draw, which is being run for charity, but by a customer. She sent me a very nice request, which I didn’t mind getting.
We all have the right to support the charity/ies we choose. They should not try to make us contribute by manipulating us.

(Helen Billingsley) #15

It really gets my hackles up ! I dont feel guilty either about deleting them. My family is on a shoestring and why these people think we have stacks of stuff just waiting there to be donated I dont know ! I did donate a cat once to a cat charity that approached me on here, I had to post it to the winner at my expense and never got so much a s a thankyou from the charity, after that I thought never again ! I do regular fairs for different charities and also sometimes have a Xmas open studio where I donate a percentage of takings to my chosen charity. Personally i think its a very lazy way for the fundraiser to do their job, shoot off a few emails to us on Folksy. Grrrr…

(Angrycatcrochet) #16

I think I got one from those people about 2 weeks ago through my facebook. The girl was saying this charity ‘is close to my heart’ It sounded completely fake so I ignored it. On the same day I received one from a charity that I do know, and they had so many details in theirs, who they were (full name, address, numbers, costings for this year) everything. But the Cauldwell one had nothing. Seemed suspicious to me.

I rather give stuff to small animal charities, there is a group in Dublin that look after feral cats as well as finding homes for unwanted cats, they do online auctions, so I give stuff to them :slight_smile: