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Anyone else had this email?

I’m sure this isn’t a spam thing (though maybe it is) but I was wondering if anyone else had a email yesterday from someone asking for donations for a raffle for a fundraising Christmas disco at a school on 11th December? They said the money raised was to go towards building the children better outside equipment.

I’ve not received that one but I would be careful to do some research before donating as it could be someone after a freebie, Is it a local school or one that a younger relative attends (if not how did they get your email address?) can you do a google search to find out contact details to ring/email to confirm it’s genuine (don’t go by the details in the email as these could have been set up to scam people) also have they specified what they want you to donate, a genuine fundraiser would usually be happy with any donations, if they’ve specified an item it could be a scam or they’re been very cheeky and should be grateful for whatever they get.

Yes, I think I got that one - or one very similar. I’m afraid I don’t tend to respond to such emails, I feel I do my bit within the local community and charities that are close to my heart. Sometimes we just have to be a bit hard hearted or we would end up giving it all away.

I wonder if this kind of communication is acceptable nowadays. They found your details somewhere and contact you to ask for money. Did you give them your details yourself? Did you give them permission to use them for their purposes?

As others said, we have to be careful. Don’t charities need to have some special number, like registration, to show you…or am I confusing this with something else?

I got the message via Folksy - not directly to my email. Always feel somewhat guilty not responding but can’t help everyone :smile:

Quite right charities require a charity registration number.

Beware of emails requesting donations at this time of year they are often just someone looking for a freebie.

If you don’t know them place in your spam folder as it’s unsolicited mail.

If you they give the name of the school and were it’s located you can look it up on the internet and then get the schools telephone number to ask them about the email and how on earth they got your email address.


I thought so…

Even if they contact us via Folksy, there is something odd about it.

You could even visit the school and see if there are any announcements there etc…and make the donation in person, if you wish.

I got this one too. No idea if genuine or not but I do feel they should be going to bigger companies. I give quite a lot to animal charities and would never give to someone coming at me direct like this the same as someone just turning up on your doorstep asking for something.

I got it too - don’t think there were any details about the school at all. I wouldn’t mind as much but they just picked a random item & added their spiel about a fundraising raffle. If they’d taken the time to mention anything about my shop/items I might have considered it a bit longer. Best ignored.

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Thanks for your replies everyone. Mine was through a Folksy message too. I guess if they had contacted me because they were a school in my local area (and named that school) that would be different but I think I would also not be too happy to donate randomly if they are just shooting out messages to people here there and everywhere without any real detail- though I must say it was quite a polite sounding email.

As someone who is part of my kids school PTA, if you wish to donate, then ask them for their charity reg number, and someone you can contact at the school to confirm the event. Otherwise they could be anyone!

I have to say though, PTA should be asking the parents of the school to donate/support rather than contacting people they don’t know, I think it’s a bit cheeky. Naturally I’ve donated to my kids school, but I did donate once to other local groups I have no connection with, and didn’t even get a thanks in return.

Without a direct link to the school, I’d ignore it.
If it was my niece’s school, I would definitely consider it but a random school? Even if genuine (and old cynic here doesn’t believe it is…it just looks like someone trying to get their present shopping for free, in my suspicious eyes) why would they ask random strangers to support THEIR kids? I know I’m a curmudgeon but this just stinks of scam. Sorry!