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Anyone had email from upcycling research?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

I’m going do a wee bit of research on them later this evening they are asking for attendee’s to a workshop in Nottingham or London all fee’s paid by them for the day ie travel, lunch and refreshments.

I’m not sure what I could contribute to the workshop discussion other than I like to use some recycled materials in the production of items for my shop.

(Rachel) #2

Eileen I have just got a message from them too. Have you found anything further on them please? Rachel

(Take2 Bottles) #3

I’ve had one as well, will look into it later.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Not yet as I’m suppose to be helping DH make the dinner

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Well so far I’ve found out there is a centre at based at Nottingham university doing research. I’m thinking next step is to contact the centre via phone tomorrow morning to see if the email is really from them.

I’m not sure the contact email in the address is correct that’s why I think I’d better check with the centre at Nottingham uni first.

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(Angela Snape) #6

No, but have had one from ‘Crafty Cultures’ offering another platform for selling your items. £10 for the year but they charge 35% commission on any sales - absolutely not viable for me! There are other options but it’s definitely not for me. Good luck with the workshop :smile:

(CuriouslyContrary) #7

Hi, I’ve had one of these emails as well.
CIE-MAP are based at Leeds University but a few other unis are research partners including Nottingham Trent.
I am suspicious of the fact it has come from a yahoo email address - if it is an official email from one of the research groups why isn’t it a email address?
Have you had any joy in verifying it as genuine?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

yep this is what has me a bit concerned I’m going to get onto it on Monday.

(Joy Salt) #9

Yes I had that one. Said thanks but no thanks.

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(Crafty Cultures) #10


Thanks for mentioning us, sorry our offer isn’t for you. Personally i think 35% commission was a bit much as well, I’ve just shared this feedback with the manager and now he’s narrowed it down to 20% commission! Hopefully that’s more appealing :heavy_check_mark:
… Also in no way is our email a spam/scam, we are just trying to reach more crafts people :slightly_smiling:


(Angela Snape) #11

Hi Charlotte, thanks for taking on board the 35% comment :slightly_smiling: - 20% sounds a lot more reasonable! My comment wasn’t meant to offend anyone - I was just pointing out that selling from a platform like yours is not for me - whatever the commission. I’m not a high volume maker and so selling through someone else isn’t really viable. I think at 20% you will attract a lot more sellers. Wishing you lots of luck :smiley:

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(avrilscott) #12

I’ve had one from Upcycling Research too. I just ignored it!

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #13

Hello, just to let you know that I was contacted by someone from Crafty Cultures this afternoon and it said they take 35% commission. Just I case they’re sending out the wrong figures :slight_smile:

(Crafty Cultures) #14

Yep that was sent before we changed the offer! Thanks :slightly_smiling: Simon

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(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #15

Ahh ok. :slight_smile: I thought I’d say just incase :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #16

Sorry but if a person hasn’t agreed to received emails from a company ie be on their mailing list then it is spamming. And there are EU laws concerning this type of spam and it can get your company email black listed. There are also fines that can be imposed on companies that continually re-offend.

So ‘Crafty Culture’s’ better not don’t bother spamming my email box as I’ll be reporting it as spam to my email provider.:slight_smile: