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Anyone heard of kayadeolablog? She's requested a free sample from me

(Tanya ) #1

Hi all,

I’ve received an email from a lady called Kay via Folksy, who has requested to write about my products on her blog. To do this she’d like to receive a free sample of one of my products so that she knows what she’s writing about. This is her website

She has a legitimate website and seems nice, but I’m reluctant to send my stock for free. What are your thoughts and has anyone else receive an email from her?

Many thanks

(Jennie Mead) #2

Hi Tanya,

I think you’re right to feel a bit uneasy about it- I would feel the same. Though I don’t know how these things work so perhaps it is usual. I would have thought people would request free samples on things like food and body products- things you need to taste and smell etc. She could see what your items look like on your shop and write about them from there.

If it is legitimate, well done on getting spotted!

Best of luck,

Jennie :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #3

It doesn’t look like a very well subscribed page so I certainly wouldn’t send any freebie. You can get far better advertising and reach using other methods - British crafters for example - without risking one of your pieces disappearing into a bit hole.
Joy xx

(Tanya ) #4

Thanks Jennie, I thought the same about food and body product samples and you’re right items can be seen in my shop so seems a bit weird to want an actual sample.

I feel like it’s a bit of a scam really. x

(Little Black Heart) #5

it’s just a way for people to get freebies for themselves - i’ve been asked a few times in the past, from other blog owners, but i always politely decline.

(Tanya ) #6

Thanks for your input Joy, glad you noticed the lack of subscribers, that was an overlook on my part, particularly because in her email she says the following:

My follower counts as of today are:
On my Blog Facebook page i have 1,040 Followers
On my Blog Via Google Friend Connect i have 218 Followers
On my Blog Via Networked Blogs i have 257 Followers
On my Blog Via Email Subscription i have 420 Followers
On my personal Facebook i have 313 Friends
On my Twitter i have 2,802 Followers
Unique views per month 27,000

British Crafters is the place I’ll be sticking with for promoting, as well as Craftjuice.
Tanya x

(Tanya ) #7

Great Idea littleblackheart, I was just going to ignore it, but that seems rude too.

(Bizzy Liz) #8

Hi all, I’ve had a message from her as well - decided it was a con. I’m not quite at the stage where I’m giving things away yet!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

Yes a con for free items. They tend to target new shop owners.

A real blogger would never ask for a ‘free sample’ they would either do one of two things

A) Buy from you then review your product with a link to your shop.
B) Simply do little post on either your shop or an item with a link back to your item/shop.

They’ll do either of those two thing because a they think your shop or item would be something their followers would be interested in or/and to try to gain more followers to their blog.

Legit blogger’s do not ask for free samples.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #10

I agree with everyone else.
Iv had ppl ask for freebies in the past but it just seemed odd to as you can see all you need to see on the shop page.
I just politely refused in a return email.

(Bizzy Liz) #11

The problem is, if you reply, they then have your email. So I don’t reply, it’s just not worth the hassle. Liz x

(Silvapagan) #12

I personally think the blog looks messy and unprofessional. It might have a lot of followers, but how many are interactive ones - people who actively read and return to the posts?

I would be tempted to respond that my items were not suitable for children (as most of her text and widgets appear to be related to small children) and decline her offer.

(Helen Smith) #13

But it really doesn’t have a lot of followers… even my poor neglected blog has 213 followers via google friend connect - only a few less than hers - and (I’m ashamed to say) I haven’t posted for nearly a year…

It is quite a common ‘scam’ to ask for freebies in return for a review and whenever I’ve been approached it has seemed to me that the blog in question has not been particularly well established. My feeling is that if a review on a blog is worth having, the blogger would not need to approach shops asking for samples because shops would be approaching her :wink:

(Caroline) #14

She hasn’t had any comments on her blog all year. I didn’t look any further back.

Decent bloggers interact with their readers.

(Leanne Woods) #15

Yeah you’ll get these every now and then, shameless scrounging for freebies. Tell her to do one … or, you know, just ignore it if you’re feeling polite:D

(Tanya ) #16

Thanks all, great feedback. I’m just going to ignore it. :relieved:

(Take2 Bottles) #17

I had a message today as well and I am ignoring it. I would prefer to give samples to people who are likely to buy off me in the future.

(Grimm Exhibition) #18

I had the same message. Im ignoring it, especially if they ask for freebies.

(Shirley Woosey) #19

Don’t do it! They just want freebies. I’ve had a few, both on here and Etsy.
Their blogs or websites have hardly any views or subscribers.
Shirley x

(Leslie Morton) #20

I had one too and sent a reply back to her saying thanks but no thanks and not to contact me again. So far so good.