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Is this a good idea?

I’ve been approached by someone from America, who wants to feature my shop in her blog. She said she would interview me in her blog and that it wouldn’t cost anything but then said I could send her a item free of charge to review, if I wanted to, which at once made me suspicious. Has anyone one else had the same email?

i’m afraid it happens all the time. bloggers basically wanting freebies - i always decline politely!

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Definitely not a good idea, many bloggers just want something for nothing!

Yeah it’s a shame when people do that. I’ve had a few bloggers who’ve asked if they can feature my work but just ask if they can use photos of my work referencing them back to me which has always been fine.
It’s a shame some of them have to be greedy about it. :confused:

Oh what a shame that she wants something for nothing :frowning:

Any blogger worth their salt would not ask for a ‘free items or money’ in return for doing a blog about your shop.

The real ones will either buy from you do a review then contact to let you know.

Or they’ll contact you for permission to use your photo’s.

Always check out these ‘bloggers’ instragrammers and the like. More often than not you’ll find they have hardly any followers, or any interaction with their fellowers. They are often not even blogging to your target market, and often find what they do blog about will be badly written.

This time of year you will get a lot of this type of request, as they are looking to get free items as gifts.

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Martine, I was contacted with the same message today. I looked at her blog and couldn’t find out how many followers she had.

We received the email too. 72 followers on google plus and that’s it!

Thanks everyone. I decided not to get involved so I sent her a polite message to say I wasn’t interested.

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