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Anyone interested in an April daily listing challenge Thread?

Hello everyone, it’s come to that time for me to enquire whether anyone is interested in an April daily listing challenge thread?

If you have not taken part in a daily listing challenge thread, please take a look at the March Hares where all the rules if you want to call them that, are listed at the top of the thread, and you can see what we are all about, namely supporting each other, promoting where possible and generally hoping to improve chances of a visibility and hopefully a sale or two for our challenge thread members!

So far we have a few name suggestions up for consideration.

April Showers
April Show-ers
April Diamonds
April Eggs
April Bunnies
April Saints
April George
April Dragons

Any more name suggestions would be appreciated.

Natalie x

Yes please, count me in - I think I would quite like to be a diamond for a while :slight_smile: - probably the closest I’m likely to get to one!

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I think I like the idea of that too roz .
Bright and sparkley. Or maybe a diamond in the rough in my case hehehe :smiley:

Hi Natalie - yes please. I’m afraid I fell by the wayside in the latter part of March - just too much else going on to keep up. April is looking clearer though and I’m ready for a listing blitz. On that note, I quite fancy being a dragon for a month!

I’m game - whatever you call it.

Please may I join - my husband always refers to me as his dragon :smiley:

Im in too please, love a bit of sparkle so diamond sounds fab x

I would love to join in again. I may miss a few days due to Easter hols but I will keep up with loving and pinning :smiley:

I like April Diamonds too. It has a nice ring to it… Hehehehe. I couldn’t resist sorry :wink:


Hi Natalie, yes I like to join in again, I don’t mind about the name.


Thank you all, looks like Diamonds are in the lead for now!

Natalie x

Yes please diamond is a good name x

I’d like to join in again, (although I wasn’t very good at listing everyday in march I’ll try harder in April) my views count has improved throughout the month (not just on days I’ve added something) I don’t mind what name we use

I’ll be there too, I like Dragons but don’t mind diamonds either x

Yes please! Any name for me , thank you Natalie xx

I’m up for the challenge, diamonds sounds good to me. Hazel

Please count me in for April.

Think I would like to be a diamond :diamonds:

Yes please, can I join in too…(I like diamonds…a girl’s best friend…)
Off to do today’s March promoting…

Thank you all! Looks like we’ll be diamonds in the morning, so please look out for the start of the thread.

Natalie x


Can I join in again please? I like diamonds and dragons - both sound great.

Jacqueline x

Can I join in please? I’m new to this and it might help me get the hang of things.