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Anyone Interested in the April Daily Listing Challenge

Yes it’s that time again, nearing the end of the month and time to see if anyone is interested in taking part in the daily listing thread for April 2017.

If you have not taken part in a daily listing challenge before and are wondering what it is all about or how it works, please pop across and visit the thread for March Miracles to see how we operate, but in basic terms:

The daily listing thread is a personal challenge to list an item a day for the month, it is a personal challenge, so no one will shout at you, or hound you off the thread if you miss a day here or there.
Once you have listed your item, you come to the thread for that particular day and tell us what you have listed, with a link to that item, so we can check it out too.

Visit the items of your fellow daily listers, i.e. actually click on the item in their shops, a simple way to show you are taking part and fellow club members really appreciate that you have stopped by! hearts are welcome but not compulsory.

Promote not just your own item, but fellow club members too, in whatever way you are able, by pinning, stumbling, FB linking, Blogging, Tweeting, just do whatever you can, in this way we all support and promote each other, and hopefully raise awareness of our crafts and of Folksy too, all of which has to be a good thing.

Please remember that although sales cannot be certain, additional promotion can be, which has to be a good thing!

Every month we think of a new unique name for the challenge, and to get the ball rolling I’ll suggest some names off the top of my head, but would really appreciate your name suggestions to add to the list, then we can all vote on our favourite name, the most popular one will then be adopted!

April Angels
April Flowers
April Artisans

please do feel free to add your own, we always struggle with the names lol!

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Hello Maxine, although i have been knitting and have a few new items for my shop, i really need to ‘do’ for my home too! We moved just after Christmas and whilst i have managed to make all the curtains, well one set to go, i really should make a tea Cosie for the big pot, needed when the whole family expect the tea angel to make a brew every morning! Paint some furniture, AND do the allotment!!!
Will watch with interest and join in when i have a new thing to list.
Suzzie x

Hi Max @paperchainsandbeads, thanks for running this again. I’m going to take a month off as it’s my very busy work month coming up. Will still pop in and see what everyone’s up to though. Mel

Thanks for running this again Max - you are Superwoman with all your other commitments. Although I’m not making or listing any new jewellery I will have some supplies to show you all - and will definitely be [popping in to see what you’re all up to and give you some support :smiley:

Hi Max, yes I would like to support the April listing please, count me in, I will be adding item and can share them on here and promote other shops

See you around :wink::raising_hand_woman:

Sue x

Yes please

Count me in :slight_smile: Thank you @paperchainsandbeads :slight_smile:

Yes please - I’ve been a bit absent without leave of late… Still haven’t sold anything on here since last December, but I’m prepared to keep going! I’m making new work each day, and so will have a lot to photograph and list - eventually lol

Yes please. I am away for a few days at the beginning of April but if I am organised enough I might still be able to join in! Will definitely try to be around for the rest of the month although I’m not sure who I am making all these things for … don’t seem to be wanted by anyone :cry: !

Hi Maxine,
April Artisans sounds good, I would like to take part - although am a bit haphazard with my listings.:cherry_blossom:

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Yes please. Max @paperchainsandbeads thanks for all your hard work xx


yes please Max…although not a single sale for me since Feb 7th…that is unheard of until now…I just hope things pick up as I would hate to give up after all these years…so I will give it another go , especially as I have just renewed my Plus account…

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I am keen. I don’t think I could do something every day, but I did several this month and had one sale. I had been on the verge of giving up having not had anything for ages, so I celebrated my third ever sale on Folksy with deciding to keep going a bit longer!

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Ooo yes please Max. I would love to join in again

A BIG thank you for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated

Carol xx


Hello - yes I’ll be in it for April! :slight_smile:

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Both shops - Textile Treasures and Heidi Meier Textiles :slight_smile:

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Yes please Max, I’d like to rejoin in April and thank you for running the thread again. I’ve been away travelling for most of March - went on a trekking holiday in Patagonia to celebrate my husband’s 70th! It was fabulous but I managed to tumble down a mountainside and hurt my leg! Nothing broken but I have to rest with it raised up so that’s not going to be very conducive to jewellery making. I hope you won’t mind some relists while I’m still on the mend! Xx


Hope you heal fast Pat, your trip sounds really exciting! You will have to tell us more.

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I would like to join in although I will need to dip in and out a bit during the school holiday.
Thanks Max for offering to keep tally again.
April Artisans sounds good to me.

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I’d noticed your absence Pat but who knew you were off somewhere so exotic :smiley: Sorry to hear about your leg but hope you still had a fabulous time.

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