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Anyone interested in an August Daily Listing Challenge?

Its come to that time again for me to reach out and see if anyone is interested in taking part in the challenge of a daily listing club for August 2015.

If you have not taken part in a daily listing club before and are wondering what it is all about or how it works, please pop across and visit the Club for July, the July Lions and see how we operate, but in simplistic terms:

The daily listing is a personal challenge to list an item a day for the month, it is a personal challenge, so no one will shout at you, or hound you out of the club if you miss a day here of there.

Once you have listed your item, you come to the thread for that particular day and tell us what you have listed, with a link to that item, so we can check it out too.

Visit the items of your fellow club members, actually go and check out the item in their shops, a simple way to show you are taking part and fellow club members really appreciate that you have stopped by!

Promote not just your own item, but fellow club members too, in what ever way you are able, by pinning, stumbling, FB linking, Blogging, Tweeting, whatever is in your remit of possibilities, in this way we all support and promote each other, and hopefully raise awareness of our crafts and of Folksy too, all of which has to be a good thing.

Please remember that although sales cannot be certain, additional promotion can be, which has to be a good thing!

Every month we think of a new unique name for the club, and to get the ball rolling I’ll suggest some names off the top of my head, but would really appreciate your name suggestions to add to the list, then we can all vote on our favourite name, the most popular one will then be adopted!

August Name suggestions:

August Angels
August Artists
August Artisans
The Gusties
Awesome August
Awesome August Angels
August Adventurers

Okay, you can probably guess I was getting a bit stuck on titles, any help and name suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to seeing who would like to be involved.
Donna x

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Yes I’ll be there! No help on the name front as usual though, will go with anything.

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Count me in, I’ve managed most days for July so hoping I’ll be well enough to do August too. Thanks for organising it, as for the name, I’m like Roz happy to go with the flow!

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I hope to join in again. Will have a think about names.

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Yes please and any name will do

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Yes please - will be happy with any name!

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Count me in too! I like August Angels, here’s another ‘August Adventure’. Just a thought lol. Does both words have to start with A? x

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Count me in. I quite like awesome august.
But happy.with anything really.
Reminds me of bill and ted. Lol

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I’m in again if you’ll have me :blush:


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I’ll add August Adventure now, the names don’t have to start with an A though :slight_smile:

Yes please Donna and thanks you for all your hard work keeping us afloat lol

Quite like awesome august but be happy with majority

Carol xx

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It’s been quite a while since we lats participated but we’d love to start again in August.

Lizzy & Chryssi x

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I managed about half of July before the real world took over, so I’m willing to try August.

At the moment I’ve got a pile of things I haven’t taken photos of, but another two craft fairs to go, so they might be sold before I get around to listing them anyway. Just because nothing goes exactly how you planned it doesn’t mean you should have a plan :smile:


That’s cool Donna @RedDragonDesigns :grin:

I joined the July one quite late really because although I had my shop I didn’t actually list properly into it until a couple of weeks ago. x

I’d like to join please Donna. It might help me keep my nose to the grindstone! I like Awesome August!

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I’m in, I like August Artisans :slight_smile:

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Awesome August just makes me laugh every time I think it! I think it would be a great name!

Hi Donna. I haven’t done this before and yes would like to join in please :slight_smile: xx


Have been busy this last month or so and ignored my shop a bit, would love to be a part of Augusts listing challenge. Like the name August Artisians makes us sound creative.

Hi Donna thanks again for starting another challenge I do hope to be around more next month. Im loving the August Artisans but happy to go along with any