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April Blossoms Daily Listing Challenge Club! 24th April!

(Natalie Ofkants) #1

Good morning to the April Blossoms Daily listers and to all those taking part! Here’s to a month where sales are blossoming for us all and we have a fabulous and eventually sales filled month for all!

Please don’t forget to view each others items in situ in their shops, to ensure we have good viewing figures for our items and most importantly, let us know when you have a Folksy sale, so we can celebrate with you.

Please remember to post a link of your item in the thread, or clickable picture if you prefer. If we have a direct link, it makes it easier for us to look at your items.

I will endeavour to keep a tally of the months sales. Please let me know if I miss any.

Sorry! Only folksy sales can be added to the tally but happy to hear about and celebrate outside successes with you.

There is a Flickr group for a collective of all the folksy daily listing groups, so join in with this too please:

Twitter hashtag, for you twitter users is #folksygifts or #newonfolksy

For those wishing to repin, Di has kindly given her Pinterest board and the link is:

The collective reported tally for the April Blossoms by the end of yesterday was 210 Sales

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is going list!

Collective Sales Tally

CariadCrafts x 15 (edited 3.57pm)
Paperchainsandbeads x 14
StephShortStationary x 6
StephShortSupplies x 20
BeadstromJewellery x 8
FromJoanCards x 3
Lizdyson x 101
Worldofcards x 4
AdienCrafts x 5
StephanieGuy x 17 (edited 3.57pm)
annchandleroriginals x 4
WhimseyWooDesigns x 2
Thecardjeanie x 1
ClareSherwen x 2 (edited 3.57pm)
SilverSpiral x 2
bluedaisyglass x 1
Pipdesigns x 4
Daisycrazy x 3
RedDevilCrafts x 1
JAustenJewelleryDesign x 2
Teabreaks x 4
Valerie x 4

Total sales: 213 (edited 3.57pm)

Natalie x

(Natalie Ofkants) #2

Good morning Blossoms!

This morning I have this crocheted and tie accessoried, fully lined handbag as my listing of the day!

Natalie x

(Wendy Lincoln) #3

’Black Ball’ Cornflower

Have a great day
Wendy x

(Liz Dyson) #4

Morning everyone. I hope you enjoy your day - it’s sunny here. I’m off to South Normanton today to do hoist training, which will be a bit weird as they make you get in the hoist, and apparently, it’s not very pleasant.

Just a couple of relists from me

It’s only half a day today, so I’ll see you later on this afternoon.


(Apryl Brincklow) #5


(Stephanie Short) #6

Morning all, hope you are well!
Hope the training goes ok this morning Liz : )

Heres mine today
Off to catch up on pinning, Steph xx

(Silverspiral) #7

Morning just pinned yesterdays and up to here, had a lazy evening yesterday.
Hope your day goes well Liz.

Jax x

(Brenda Cumming) #8

morning all, some lovely work on show today…
Here is my usual miniature painting.

(René Trewern) #9

Good morning!

Breakfast with the school mums this morning! :smile:

(Cariad Crafts) #10

Morning - bit damp this morning but hoping sun will appear soon :wink:

Beautiful jewellery, love both bracelets and rings.

Here is a relist from me, was hoping to get pics done but had visitors!!!

Thank you Liz - please add 1 sale to my tally Natalie

Shopping next grrrrr

Carol xx

(Ellie Whitehead) #11

Morning - lovely card wendy!
Liz I did hoist training as part of my nurse training and we went in the hoist - it is quite unnerving but at least you know how the patients feel

That bag is clever Natalie - I am still in awe of your crochet and practising hard!!

Today I am delivering a batch of cushion covers made for a local shop - all campervans and beach huts - top sellers for the summer hols at the seaside

Hope everyone has a good day x

(Dawn Marshall) #12

A handstamped fairy card…dawn

I thought i put 1 on here yesterday too but cant see it lol

(Valerie Farrell) #13

Morning all. Thanks for the picture tips yesterday. My daughter despaired of me trying to get the code right for the old forum so I think its a case of persevering
A make up bag / pencil case today

Valerie x

(Clare Sherwen) #14

Morning all

I’m really struggling to find the time to use the forums at the moment!

I do have one sale to report though!

Just relisted a few of my cards, heres my Sherlock Kitty one:

Clare xx

(Stephanie Guy) #15

Morning Blossoms, fab items from everyone today :smile:

I have a dolls house painting relist today

Natalie can you update my sales total to 17 please?

(Sue Mason) #16

A beautiful sunny day in April with blossom everywhere!

(Jacqueline Austen) #17

Feeling rather poorly again today, so just a simple necklace from me…

Thanks so much for looking. I hope to be a bit more active on the forums as the tablets start to kick in!

Jacqueline x

(Stephanie Short) #18

All pinned to here,

Jacqueline I’m sorry if I missed any postings from you saying you weren’t very well, hope you feel better soon xx

Well done Ellie on your cushion sales!
Back later Steph x

(Maureen Brazier) #19 =

Beautiful Black Labrador = lovely shine on his coat

Will be back after lunch

(Jacqueline Austen) #20

Thank you so much Steph - no, you haven’t missed any postings. I was just AWOL instead! My Youngest has passed the lurgy on to me. I have had to sleep with her on me downstairs on the sofa for the last three nights. If she lays down, she coughs and wakes up. I have to say, if she is feeling like I do, then she must be feeling rather yucky indeed, bless her.

Jacqueline x