April Weekly Listings and Promotions 20th - 27th April

Hi - hope everyone is OK

Great book-art Mei - very original
Love the baby throw Lynn - such beautiful soft colours.

A new bracelet from me today

Sue x

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Those are pretty tags Steph

Loving the colours in the blanket and the delicate colours of the beads in the braclet.

Oh my I think the Trades Description Act people will be after me I’ve wrongly labeled my hairslide as purple when it’s more like Maroon and pink eeek I’ll have to go alter that ooops.

To day I have a white water lily inspired brooch
<img height="350"src=“http://images.folksy.com/aXRlbXMvNTAzODkwLzIwMTQwNDI2LzgzNjQ1MzM2OTQ5-N/main”>

Sorry, for some reason I couldn’t get the image to show up property so I posted the page URL instead of the picture URL. I followed the instructions exactly!

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have listed these cute little frilly summer sandals for baby love the lavender bags! http://images.folksy.com/aXRlbXMvODQwNjUxLzIwMTQwNDI1LzE3MjEzNDcxNTQ3NA-Q-Q-N/main

Have listed some items today. this is one. Marg. x

Lovely brooch Eileen. I find it really hard to describe some of the colours I use accurately.

Great to see some new posters on here, and lovely items.
Cute Scottie Janine.
Lovely booties HopScotchLane - afraid I couldn’t click them as the photo doesn’t take me through to your shop.
If you look one the forums there are instructions as to how to add a clickable photo. Will try to find and paste a link here.

Likewise Marg - lovely bag but I couldn’t go through to your shop from your photo, so was unable to add it to my Pinterest board

Back from a rather quiet air today, but I did meet some lovely people, so not a wasted day

Here’s the link to help with adding photos that link to the original posting

Sue x

Thanks Sue, I think I have now fixed it, hopefully, Marg. x

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fab work everyone

That’s great Margaret - definitely working and pinned!


Slash It Sunday Sale TODAY ONLY
Copper, Aluminium & Brass cuffs all reduced to only £8.03 each for today only.

All cuffs are one off designs & will not repeated after it is sold

Visit me at www.folksy.com/shops/sesskajewellery for this fantastic deal



Morning, just to say all pinned, Steph x

Good morning one and all - hope you all have a lovely day.
Have pinned all your lovely goodies - gorgeous bracelet Sue I just love the colours - pretty brooch Eileen - cute little scottie Janine - lovely little baby sandals Hopscotchlane - love the gift bag Margaret
Here’s one from me

Lynn x

Morning - gorgeous bag Lynn.

Off to start the new week’s thread soon - don’t know if you want to add your bag to there too Lynn so that it doesn’t get missed?

Sue x

thanks Sue going to look at the instructions now and re-do x

second attempt deleted previous one still not sure if correct can someone tell me please if this takes you to my page thanks

Hi @hopscotchlane - afraid it isn’t going through to your page still.

I think you need to make sure you add the 2 links - the first is the URL for your picture the second is the link to the item page - click on ‘show more’ (bottom right when you are doing the upload) it should open another box where you can then add the title of your page by copying it from your item page then pasting it into the box

Good luck

Sue x

thanks Sue I think I’ll wait til my son comes in and ask him he’s the computer wizard unlike me x

Finally!!! with a little help from my son managed to upload this picture correctly with link to my shop page sorry if I’ve hogged the page with all my failed attempts

I’m promoting my newest listing. This pretty necklace.

All pinned up to here.

But what I mess I made of it I pinned 5 to my DIY board then had to delete them and re pin them on my April board. Don’t I feel like a silly girl

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