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April Weekly Listings and Promotions 20th - 27th April

(Sue Mellem) #1

Welcome to the April Weekly listings and promotions thread!

Everyone welcome – this is a special place to showcase your listings if you only list weekly or even monthly

Please feel free to join in – don’t feel that you have to ask or wait to be invited.

The aim is to list an item (or more or less!) each week and post it on this thread. Once you have posted your picture link then please promote the person above you and any others you wish to, using twitter, stumbleupon, pinterest, facebook etc. For each listing you make you promote at least one other.

Please say how you have promoted the person above with your listing post- thank you

Most importantly we will support each other through positive comments and general chat- pop by when you can.

A new thread will be started for each week on a Sunday morning/afternoon.

Looking forward to sharing our listings!

Twitter #folksyweekly

(Lynn Britton) #2

Happy Easter one and all - raining here today.
All up to date with pinning from the old forum thread
and I’m listing this

Lynn x

(Sue Mellem) #3

Happy Easter everyone.

Bit of a lazy start to my day, so playing catch up.

Lovely necklace Lynn - beautiful colours. Off to pin it now

Sue x

(Stephanie Short) #4

Happy Easter Day everyone,
Hope you are all enjoying your choccie eggs!!
A relist from me today for these notecards

Sue, hope the fair went well for you! I think we have last weeks date on this thread, I’m not sure how to change it on here:)
Back later to pin all, Steph xx

(Teresa Connolly) #5

Happy Easter
Colourful necklace Lynn
Pretty notecards Steph.
All pinned.

You can edit the title of thread Sue as there is a pencil click on that to change dates.


(Lily Lily Handmade) #6

Hi all,
Love the necklace, great colour combination. Pretty notecards too. Will go and pin both.

Can I show my new listing please? A set of two cute mini-handbag style lavender bags…


(Roz) #7

Here is one of my new listings this week

Off to share the post above on both my Facebook pages [Rozcraftz][1]

[1]: and [Felt the Need-le][1]

[1]: Should automatically retweet on twitter. Will also try and pin on pinterest.

(Roz) #8

Promoted your things on pinterest and Facebook :slight_smile: Off to look at the rest now.

(Sue Mellem) #9

Thanks @Teresa - totally forgot about changing the date this morning - too busy thinking about turkey and chocolate!

Lovely notecards Steph.
Lily Lily - great to see you and your beautiful lavender bags on here.
Gorgeous corsage Roz

Lazy afternoon for me - will try to get some photos and listings done later x

(Maureen Brazier) #10

Happy Easter everyone - hope everyone is having a nice relaxed family day.
Sorry I was missing last week - had a rather nasty throat and chest infection - didn’t feel myself at all - but seem to be getting over it. Now to catch up with some pinning and tweeting - Maureen

(Brenda Cumming) #11

Hope everyone is having a nice Easter…here is my listing for today

(Roz) #12

This is beautiful Brenda

(Organized Chaos) #13

Hi All, hope you’re enjoying the Easter break
Here’s my listing for today, it’s a re-list really - too busy eating chocolate to photograph jewellery!
Some lovely things here, I’ll be busy pinning onto Pinterest

Enjoy the hol

(Sue Mellem) #14

Lovely apron Maureen and painting Brenda. Glad you’re starting to feel better Maureen.

Carol - thanks for joining us on here. I’m afraid that I couldn’t click through to the listing in your shop from your photo - there are instructions as to how to add the link - before you upload your listing, if you click on the ‘see more’ box at the bottom right it should open up another box for you to paste the link in from your page, if that makes sense?. Alternatively you can just paste the link in with you text and we can then go through to your listing so we can pin / promote it.

I haven’t managed to list anything today - have been thoroughly lazy. I think the 2 days at my craft fair have left me a bit tired, but they are worth it. Will try harder to list tomorrow x

(Louisa Oakes) #15

Just thought I’d pop by to see the new forums- cool!
So tempted to re-open my shop, but will have to wait until I know what will happen to my teaching job in September.
Lots of lovely listings this week :smiley:
While I’m here, how do you get the picture by your name on the forums- my usual ‘B’ isn’t showing?

Louisa xx

(Louisa Oakes) #16

Hope you’re better now Maureen

(Lynn Britton) #17

Evening all - hope you’ve all had a great day and lots of choccy eggs.

Have pinned and your gorgeous goodies - great note cards Steph, love the little lavender bags LilyLily - Rozcraft yours is so pretty - love the apron Maureen, glad to hear you’re on the mend - stunning painting Brenda - loving the necklace Carol and colour is gorgeous.

Lynn x

(Lynn Britton) #18

Good morning all - the sun is shining again after a very dismal wet day yesterday.

All up to date with pinning and I’ve listed this

Lynn x

(Teresa Connolly) #19

Hi Carol, You don’t have a clickable link to your photo.


(Stephanie Short) #20

Morning everyone,
Hope you all had a ‘cracking’ time yesterday(sorry!!)

Lovely listings waves to all new faces on the thread, great to see your items:))

Hi Louisa, hope you are ok and the job is going well for you:))

@lilylilyhandmade those bags are gorgeous !

Another 4am start this morning so just a relist today


Off to pin all now, check back later Steph xx