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Art chat thread....October 2018

(Brenda Cumming) #1

Here is the place to show and chat about anything art related
Paintings, drawings etc…

(Brenda Cumming) #2

today I have a customer ordered cartoon card for another folksy shop owner

(Kmt) #3


(Brenda Cumming) #4

white rabbit everyone…I hope everyone is busy painting and creating beautiful artwork x

(Stephanie Guy) #5

Yoohoo! I’m back after taking the whole of September off. My adult kids were home - this is the last long summer my son gets as he starts his PhD this week, and my daughter has been studying in Berlin for the last year, so it was wonderful to have them both home for the month. They’re both away again to uni now so it’s back to work.

Here’s a Christmas pet portrait commissionable piece

(Helen Clifford) #6

Hello everyone! I’ve not posted on the art chat threads before - but here goes…

I tend to list in batches every once in a while, and have been busy this week sorting out, mounting, taking photos (always a trial!) and writing listings for another 13 of my original drawings/paintings. Mostly in coloured pencil. Glad to say I finally have them all in Draft ready to list.

Seems to me it would be sensible to put them out one at a time, maybe a couple a week, just to make the most of the potential for being spotted as a ‘New Listing’ - rather that putting them all out at the same time. What do you think?

Here’s the first, anyway!

(GKWatercolourArt) #7

The colours the season brings. A3 watercolour. Have a good weekend everyone.

(Helen Clifford) #8

Beautiful, Graham!

(Helen Clifford) #9

Here is my second new listing - a bit different from my usual animal and flower/plant subjects, I 've had a go at an abstract…

(Brenda Cumming) #10

great work everyone and welcome Helen x

(Helen Clifford) #11

Thank you, Brenda! Loooking forward to meeting everyone here.

(Brenda Cumming) #12

I have builders and plumbers in at the moment, so cannot do any painting…no good being in the middle of a wet on wet sky and having to jump up to answer the door…I’ll be back with more art listings soon…(I hope…sigh)

(Helen Clifford) #13

Oh no, @teabreaks! hope they aren’t making too much of a mess!

Here’s my next listing

(GKWatercolourArt) #14

Something for Halloween… watercolour.

(Tina Martin) #15

Hi everyone,

Lovely work everyone.

Sharing detail from my latest;

and my latest stone;

(Helen Clifford) #16

Really atmospheric! I do like your wet-in -wet effects - when Itry this it just ends up muddy. Suspect I’m a) not brave enough to use really strong colours, and b) too impatient to leave it alone!

(Chris Stone) #17

An example of my stuff. I am most happy painting old vehicles, tractors, buses and what have you!

(Chris Stone) #18

Fantastic sky. Excellent watercolour

(Stephanie Guy) #19

Yikes Brenda, I hope they’re not there for long. Here’s my latest

(Helen Clifford) #20

Good morning everyone! Your cow makes me smile, @StephanieGuy - don’t think he will be in your shop for very long.

This morning I have listed a picture of Waterlilies: