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Art chat, week commencing 27th December

rushing in to show my posting for today

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Waving hello! I have nothing new to show, except maybe my sketch diary for last week…

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Is the diary nearly complete now?

beautiful scene Brenda.

I’m so pleased you’ve kept up your sketch diary Stephie, it looks great! Will you do it again next year?

Dad’s still in hospital, he has a water infection now :fearful: We saw the doctor who is treating him yesterday, he told us that Dad has a leaky heart valve, they can’t operate at his age as he would be unlikely to survive the op so they will have to manage it by medication. We’re still hoping he’ll come home at some stage.

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Oh goodness that’s not good news Margaret. I hope he is comfortable.

The diary is just 2 weeks away from being compete. It’s becoming a bit of a chore so I won’t be doing one quite so religiously next year. I have a blank book and I’m planning a double spread per week. I’ll be using colour and different sizes and formats to make it more interesting for me.

Margaret, sending special thoughts to you and your family…I hope your dad can come home soon.
Stephie…I look forward to seeing next year’s journal…I have been counting how many paintings I have done over the year and it is about 925…I was hoping to reach 1000 but no way can I do 75 paintings in the next few days…although…(ha ha)…


just listed this aceo

Thinking of you Margaret <3

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays.
I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things, I had lots of plans today but we didn’t have any power until 5.30pm this evening and it was too dark in the house/studio to do anything fiddly all day!

Here’s a little quicky


Good morning, sending hugs Margaret and I hope you Dad is home soon. Wow Brenda, that is a lot of paintings lol, lovely work too.

Stephie, well done on your diary, I still haven’t gotten around to finishing the last page of my Art Journal from my 50 things to do lol! it’s just sat mocking me now haha!

Love that Lowri, I’m sure my daughter had a few of those moments.

I have spent the past 2 days preparing new listings here and re-stocked my E**y shop, thought I would give it another go with different types of work so fingers crossed. Just added tonnes but here’s just one to be going on with


afternoon all…late starter today…lol…
Here is my listing for today

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Late here too Brenda, lovely landscape. Just added this one

Waving everyone, happy new year! :blush:

Just popping by to admire your work.

Max your new cut outs are stunning, I love them all.

I’m having a week off to chill with the family. Bad timing in respect of customers also having time off to shop buy hey ho, you only get one go at raising your kids.


Hiya All

Happy New Year! :tada::sparkles::dizzy:

Such fabulous work from everyone.

I shall be listing again on Monday. I hope you all have a great weekend. Myself and my Fiance are off to see Shrek The Musical on Sunday. Apparently it’s very good. So can’t wait for that!


everyone has disappeared…am I here on my own?
Here is my listing for today

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afternoon, I’m here Brenda, but been busy today back to work tomorrow so enjoying my last day off. Lovely painting. Kelly hope you enjoy Shrek and Stephie enjoy your time off. :slight_smile:

Sorry Brenda, not feeling much like chatting at the moment. Dad had a fall in hospital on Friday, and has chest and urinary infections. Somehow, chatting about art online doesn’t seem as much fun as it did before.

Lovely work everyone.

completely understand Margaret…hope your dad is ok…such a worry for you and your Mum.sending special thoughts your way…
waving Max

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I’m sending my love to you Margaret and yes Max, we enjoyed Shrek. It was brilliant :slight_smile:

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Oh Margaret I am so sorry to hear that your dad is not doing so well. Much love to you and your parents.

Kelly I love musicals, haven’t been to one for ages.

Hope you had a good last day of your break Max, enjoy work tomorrow.

Waving Brenda and everyone reading but not commenting!

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Hiya All.

Stephanie:- Shrek is really good, it was just strange it being a musical, but all the same it was brilliant to watch. Our last musical before that was The Lion King. That was amazing.

Here is my listing for today…