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Back in the saddle

(Kate Turner) #1

Hi everyone. I am finally back to stitching which is brilliant. Lots of changes on the forum. I have given up work (my choice) firstly through illness then through unfortunately bullying at work.
Daughter has a new baby on the way …wrapped and packed and waiting for delivery in July. Sadly she had a stroke 3 weeks ago but apart from the odd word she struggles with made a good recovery…not good at 33yrs old and 31 weeks pregnant. She still has to have MRI scan but too dangerous at the moment. So as you can see Nanna has been busy. Hopefully will be back on forum more often.
Hope all are well.

(Leathermeister) #2

Hi @KatesKorner
So sorry to hear about your daughter must be a real concern at this time. July can’t come quickly enough for both of you.
Take care

(Kate Turner) #3

Thank you Hazel.
She will be a c-section we know that

(Stephanie Guy) #4

Oh my word, that must have been so distressing for you all. Best wishes for a safe delivery!

(Carol Cooper) #5

Terrible time for your family, my thoughts and best wishes for your daughter’s speedy recovery and safe delivery of your grandchild. My brother had a stroke at 34 years of age, when out walking his dogs. He was fit and healthy so a complete shock, we as a family felt so helpless and anxious, but he is now a 54 year old granddad with two grandchildren and another on the way in August. There is light at the end of that tunnel. Sending you hugs, Carol xx

(Pauline Hayward) #6

Oh that’s terrible news Kate about your daughter but on the plus side something lovely to look forward to. I hope she makes a full recovery. Its nice to see you back and also sorry to hear about your unfortunate illness and bullying at work. Some people can be so cruel. Welcome back to the forums.
Lots have been happening in our household too, we have granddaughter no 2 and she’s as beautiful as no 1, who is now into everything and full of mischief but gorgeous with it.


(Le Petit Bijou Uk) #7

Kate, I am confident that your unhappiness will soon be in the past. All the best wishes to you, your daughter and your soon to be grandchild. Life can be a B**** but time heals all.

(Jacqueline Austen) #8

My thoughts are with you and your family xxx I hope all goes well and you will soon have a beautiful grandchild to snuggle.

Jacqueline x