I'll be back soon

Sorry I suddenly disappeared.

I had a phone call to say my Mum had been rushed into hospital, so I just closed my shops and drove off to Scotland. My Dad and I had a very stressful time when each visit might be the last time we saw her. The doctors have worked wonders however, and I am delighted to report that my Mum is now out of immediate danger. She is still terribly weak, not only from being ill but also from just lying in bed for two months, so she has been moved to a convalescence and physiotherapy ward.

If all goes well I expect to be back home next weekend, and re-open my shops for 1st March. Many items have expired, so apologies in advance for the amount of re-listing I’ll be doing for a while.

After that I’ll still be going up to Scotland for frequent visits, but hopefully in a planned and peaceful fashion.


Good news! Best wishes to your Mum (and you and Dad) xxx

So pleased your Mum is on the mend, take care

Pleased to hear your mum is on the mend. Take care and give yourself some time to relax a bit. xx

I am so glad your Mum is feeling better. Look after yourself as well as your mum and dad.

Good news, pleased she’s on the mend. x

Really glad to hear your mum is on the road to recovery. xx

Pleased to hear your mum is on the mend x