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Just had a peek at the best selling shops section, there is such an excellent variety, well done everyone. I am pleased to see a few sewn items there, which gives me confidence that customers are buying all sorts.


Have to say thank you for posting this when you did. After a couple of brilliant sales on Friday I’m currently 6th but yesterday I had relisted a set of my dichroic jewellery as listing were about to expire. That meant my slot in the Best Seller feature looked as if I sold nothing but pendants and earrings.
Just corrected that by relisting a few suncatchers and all is well.
Just have to add… that the first of my Friday sales, 10 small suncatchers, arrived with the customer yesterday and she phoned me to say how delighted she was. Calls like that take me right over the moon and back :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I think it is always worth reiterating the point that the best sellers list is done based on revenue rather than number of items sold. Those who sell lower priced items (eg cards) are at a disadvantage as they have to sell significantly more items to achieve the same revenue compared to those of us who sell expensive items.


Good point Sasha, I was really looking for items that were in my field, sewing, just to ascertain whether anyone was buying, but was delighted with the variety. I don’t think I will ever be on the list, but hey, there is always something to work towards.

Joy, it goes to show that what you are always advising, i.e. being on social media, does make a difference. One day I may join in or should I say one day I must join in.


I didn’t realise that it was on amount, I assumed it was on items sold. Thanks xx

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As did I, seams a bit one sided

Why one sided ? Sorry don’t understand that.

Catch 22
If it goes by number of sales someone who sells lots of low value items eg cards would be a best seller or if it goes by revenue someone who sells one high value item eg furniture would be a best seller.
Which option is fairer or less/more one sided?
Should the maker who sells lots of lower priced items be celebrated more over the maker who sells one high value item? I would say the seller who sells more units is more likely to be in the best sellers list more often as they will sell volume to produce more revenue more than the seller who maybe sells one item probably once in a month etc.
I’ve made it to number one quite a few times (and am currently yay!) or placed on the list and my Folksy sales are volume in what I consider to be lower priced items not big ticket items but also know I was pipped to the post once by a furniture seller who sold one high value piece which was more than my week of sales worth so i think it works better both ways with it being revenue based over volume as if it were volume that furniture seller would never place unless every other seller on Folksy had zero sales.


I was sooo excited when I sold my first doll and made it on the best sellers list…I now make it my ambition to make it to the top 10 one day…I said one day lol…I like to have a look every few days and see who is selling and it’s nice when new or different names pop up as well. :blush:

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I have to agree with you Debby, I was quite astonished when I made it on the best sellers list. I took a screen shot of it, just so I could remember!! Sad or what? If it were done on volume I would never appear, I think value is best as others have said. It really boosts your confidence that you are fulfilling your niche market with beautiful things.
Note to self: must work harder this summer autumn to get back on it.
Happy creating everyone xx


I tend to agree with @Bearlescent, @thistledownandHOPE and others. At the risk of indulging myself, I’ve just entered the best sellers list again for the second time this year, but I could never achieve that on volume as I only make occasional sales of niche items. It really is a tremendous confidence boost.
From what I can see, there are a few volume sellers who are in the list more often than not, so the current measurement of sales success gives recognition to everyone.