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Blog boost!

I thought it would be good if we could all post our blog addresses here and support each other by ‘following’.
Find me here:
Post yours below!

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Hi Hannah, I’ve just been to your blog and love your tutorial on painting trees and the wonderful clothes you make. My blog is, it’s been a little neglected for a while but I’m hoping to create some momentum :slight_smile:

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Thank you :blush: I’ve just added you.
Come on everyone! I’d love to see what you’re all up to!

here’s mine

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here’s mine, off to have a mosey now

Edit Sandra and Hannah-Mae I can’t figure out how to follow you on blogspot :pensive:

Great idea. Mine is

I’ve left you all a comment :slight_smile:

I found this:
(scroll down for instructions) I’m not sure if it’s any use? It’s all I could find!

added you all =]

seems the original blogger follow me widget does now not exist ! not sure when it disappeared, but no wonder my followers never increased! Anyway sorted now , I now have a new widget

btw , thanks for the comments peeps. Will be reading blogs tomorrow and following , posting comments

following all now :), thank you Hannah-Mae

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Here’s my blog although I mostly feel like I’m talking to myself. (Nothing new there!)

I feel like that sometimes too! Which is why I started this thread =] I’ve added you!