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Can you help me please

I have decided to really push my folksy shop and intend renewing the folksy plus. Some one suggested I try pinterest which I signed up to last night, My name on there is and I would appreciate some followers to get me going. Today I am going to spend a couple of hours going through folksy shops and pinning my favourite items. Please follow me and leave yours her so I can follow you back, If anyone can give me pointers I would really appreciate it… Dawn


Hello Dawn, just start a few boards and pin favourite pictures onto them. Use them like a set of magazines that you have kept, because there are some good recipes in them or a knitting pattern. You can always delete them in due course. You pin and people pin from you, and if they like your board they can follow a board. They come from all over the world. They say for max benefit you should pin little and often… When I am up and drunk my cuppa tea I will seek you out, but in the mean time have a look st my boards , you’ll find the link at the bottom of my folksy page!! Too difficult to pop it on here using my old phone.
Suzzie x

ive followed some of your boards. havent worked out how to follow you.

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Pinterest is a great tool to use.

I am now following you. Off to work now so can’t stop!

Hi Dawn just followed you on Pinterest, here’s mine;

When you’re ready to expand on social media try Instagram, very friendly place and or Twitter, good luck with you shop.

Hi Dawn, I’ve just followed you too. Mine is Good Luck!

Hi Dawn @worldofcards have followed you. Don’t forget to add your IG Pinterest Facebook Twitter links to your Shop for visitors to find and follow you.
Mine is

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Hi Dawn @worldofcards have followed you and added a couple of your gorgeous cards to my Handmade Folksy Board.

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Hi - I’ve followed you - here is my link. thanks x :cat2:

Hi I have followed you as well as others here. I will have to start building up my boards and followers too.
Here is mine :slight_smile:

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Hi I’m following you, I love your work already!! I was advised to have a board for each of my shop sections. Something I still haven’t got around to! Lol! Be prepared to lose several hours of your life everytime you go in!

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Just followed you Dawn! I love pinterest…I can be on there for hours x

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