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Blue Sandstone. Enough said



Screw diamond, if anyone proposed to me with a Blue Sandstone ring, I’d bloody marry them on the spot!

End post of (newly appointed) Blue Sandstone Fan.

I blooming love pretty gemstones.


We use it in our jewellery from time to time but those pieces never make it to the folksy shop because my business partner loves it so much. It’s also called blue goldstone x

What a shame - there’s a Tumblr post going around on a beautiful collection of Blue Sandstone and a lot of people seem keen to buy jewellery with it ; )

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I’ll have to see if we have any left x

I currently have a large navy blue goldstone pendant in my shop

and some necklaces and earrings made with beads of the same material. The name of it is some what misleading as it is actually glass with very fine particles of cobalt in it (for the blue version), the brown version has copper in it, the green has chromium and the purple has got vanadium. I have some of the green and brown versions but have only ever heard of the purple I’ve not seen it in real life.

I have some waiting to be created. Do have a brown goldstone donut that am planning to recreate in blue. Yes it is stunning glitter in deep blue and natural. A triquatra in blue goldstone has ‘mysteriously’ found its way into my jewellery box rather than my stash!

That is simply gorgeous! I’m curious about the other colour variations now!

After I heard about Blue Sandstone, I considered getting a key necklace with a blue sandstone in it as a present for my best friend, but so far a search on E**y got me one result and it’s not quite what I was looking for.

Or even something similar to a dragon’s egg because she loves dragons so much

Here is the gold version

It is more commonly known as goldstone so try searching for that instead, there are over 100 pieces list on here in either blue or brown. If you still can’t find what you’re after then if you give us a description one of us might be able to make you what you are looking for. I’ll admit that like Paula some of my blue goldstone ended up in the personal stash and it is popular with customers. If I remember/ if the light is right I’ll try to get a photo of the green bit I have tomorrow.

Here are some of the pieces of blue goldstone currently hiding in my stash`


I love it too…this ring is very popular!

Here’s what the green version looks like



Here’s a blue goldstone pendant I made this weekend, will be listed by the weekend. Have ordered another donut to make one for me, love it!