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Bulk Editing

I am back off my holidays and I had changed my delivery. I have over 100 items in my shop and wondered if there is a way I can bulk edit them all back to the previous delivery times. I spent an age last night doing one page! :cold_sweat:

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Don’t think there is @Amberlilly. I think the only bulk editing tool you can use is to set the postage rates and personally I don’t find that one terribly user friendly :slight_smile: Good luck re setting delivery times - I usually just put my shop in holiday mode when I go away so I don’t have to worry about changing anything. I know I might miss a few sales (although not likely at the moment with the sales fairy being AWOL), but just so much easier

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Yes @Rozcraftz def easier to do hol mode, especially as i didnt even get 1 sale! very disappointing.

I just saw this thread and it occurred to me that there are lots of other people who would like to be able to bulk edit other things than postage. There are a lot of things like delivery time, additional terms, where items were made etc, that could be entered or edited in bulk. This would make the whole process of listing and re-listing so much easier…

Love Sam x

Maybe this an idea for voting? or maybe already suggested? @SamanthaStanley

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There are several similar suggestions, which you might vote for, and add comments to if it’s not exactly what you want (watch out you don’t vote for the Completed ones!). Or add a new suggestion. (I don’t know, but I suspect that adding more votes to make an existing suggestion more highly rated will be more effective that adding lots of similar ones with fewer votes.)