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Holiday Mode

Hello everyone!

I am going to go away for a few days and I don’t want to put my shop in holiday mode. Instead I would like to edit all my listings and make them available for delivery in 3-5 days. That would give me enough time to come back and be able to post any orders I might have. Did any of you find this option anywhere on the dashboard?


If you look at your listings individually in your shop as usual, there should be a little ‘edit this item’ button on the right hand side. Once you have clicked ‘edit this item’ you have the option to change your delivery options, it’s near the bottom of the page.
Hope that makes sense and helps.

Hello Emma,

Thank you for this, but unfortunately I need something to be able to edit in bulk. I have more than 100 items listed in my shop so editing each one individual would take a long time.


Monica @HeartmadeBeejoux I am afraid there is no way to bulk edit the delivery options.
It just has to be done the long way I’m afraid.

Shirley x

Mmm… I see what you mean, I’m not aware of a way to change them all in one go- hope you manage to sort it out, it would be a shame to miss any sales while you are away. Emma

Thank you girls! I will just have to do with Holiday Mode :smile:

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Jumping onto this ready-made thread (I’m recycling!) to say I’m going on Holiday mode. I’m finally moving house next weekend, after lots of delays and the timing is now quite frustrating! I have several new items to add to my shop but am holding back as i just won’t be able to check emails etc for some time. There’s no mobile signal where I’m moving and the Broadband and landline will take a bit of time to set up - that’s what happens when you move to a Welsh valley :grinning:
Oh well, I hope I’ll be better prepared for NEXT Christmas!


Good luck with the move. We moved to Cornwall last year, still have patchy mobile phone coverage but had no broadband for weeks, used to have to buy a coffee at the local beach cafe and use their free WiFi once a day to find out if I had any sales.


Hope your move goes smoothly for you Carrie. The same thing happened to me some years ago what should have been an October moves ending up as the 17th December.
Looking forward to seeing you new items when you get back on line. Lynn x

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Ah, beautiful Cornwall - well worth the patchy signal I reckon!

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Thanks Lynn, I can’t wait to be in. Guess what I’m wearing right now?! (Not a kinky question I promise!) My lovely scarf that you made of course :grinning: It’s the kind of thing you forget to take off as it’s so comfortable. I’ll need it in windy Wales.

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Good luck with the move Carrie. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

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Hi Carrie,
I have the same problem when I visit my parents in rural Scotland. It might be worth checking if there is a local library, community centre or school that you could pop into once a day or so to check emails etc. It’s a great way to meet your new neighbours too.


Have moved house now and finally have internet - hurray! Too late for Christmas sales this year but never mind. To be honest we’re SO busy sorting out problems in the new house (it’s 200 years old, had been empty for a year and nature in all its lovely forms had taken over!) I’m still not quite ready to open my shop again.
Now I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and family open their presents, mostly made by people on Folksy. Thank you all for your talents!