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Buying a pattern

(melodiewick) #1

I would like purchase a pattern from folksy of a crochet blanket that is for sale…is this possible?

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I’ve put this in the wanted category for you, hope you find what you’re looking for.

(Silvapagan) #3

If you put “crochet blanket pattern” into the Items search on the Folksy home page, you will see several for sale.

(Teresa Connolly) #4

I have a crochet blanket pattern that is for sale.

(Teresa Connolly) #5

Hi I have posted in this thread a crochet blanket pattern a PDF by email

(Helen Smith) #6

Do you mean that you have seen a crochet blanket for sale here and would like to purchase the pattern? In which case you would need to contact the individual shop owner and ask them.