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Selling sewing patterns yes or no?

(christinegrogan) #1

Hi I’ve not actually started selling yet although I did open an account a while ago but life got in the way ! I now have more free time so I’m all ready to go but before I put anything handmade on I thought I would sell some of my sewing patterns that I have never used but am I being particularly dim as I have looked to see if anyone else is selling sewing patterns so I have some idea of how much to sell for and what sort of postage costs etc but cant seem to find anyone. am I looking in the wrong place or am I not allowed to sell patterns ?

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(Stephanie Guy) #2

I think you can sell them as supplies, commercial. These knitting patterns are listed without any problem

(Kim Blythe) #3

I agree with @StephanieGuy. There is a pattern section under the Supplies/commercial dept.


(christinegrogan) #4

I have just checked it out there seems to be a lot of knitting patterns but could only find two sewing ones which is why I assumed I couldn’t sell them, just off to photograph them now. Thank you Ladies

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(Oh Button Me) #5

Oh I have quite a few unused patterns but didn’t ever think of putting them on here.

(Sasha Garrett) #6

Word of warning - there was a shop on here trying to sell vintage sewing patterns a year or so ago but they were not very happy with how slow sales were so closed down. Folksy isn’t known for selling patterns so people might not be browsing here looking for them so be prepared to have to do lots of promotion to attract to people to your shop (facebook groups interesting in sewing might be a good place to start with that). Hopefully that hasn’t put you off as there are plenty of people here who might be interested in patterns.
Good Luck

(Samantha Stanley) #7

There may not be any sewing patterns listed at the moment, but other people have definitely listed them in the past, so I would say it’s fine to go ahead.

Sam x